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      • Tricked

        April 18, 2010

        My children were fooled by me and it wasn’t even April Fool’s Day. We were at my FIL place and about to leave. They like to play a fool and said “Let’s quickly drive off without papa” after they got into the car. Little did they know, I did just that.

        They were giggling and telling me all the good things without papa. As I drove further down the journey to return home, they began to realized, I am not picking papa back. They got scared and told me to go back.

        Now they are telling me all the good things with papa. Emily kept chanting “papa” all the way home. She was really upset. Tim was preoccupied with something else but he still insist I go back to take papa home.

        Reached home and they didn’t want to get down. Later papa appeared at the gate with my FIL motorbike and their expression changed. :giggles:

        Yeah papa borrowed grandpa’s motorbike that was the reason why he was not in the car.

        On another note, it was a hot day and I took the children to eat snow ice in 100 YEN shop. I never had that before and I loved it. The ice was really fine, tasted like ice-cream. However it cost RM4.90. It was a nice treat for my children.

      • Fun With Bunk Beds

        April 18, 2010

        I always want to get a twin bunk bed for my children. They loved sleeping on bunk beds. However because of their room ceiling fan, I cannot get one. I must relocate the ceiling fan before I get one.

        My children first experience on a bunk bed was when we went to Cameron Highlands on a vacation, it was a church camp. The family room that we check in had a bunk bed. They were so excited climbing up and down and had no problem sleeping. Children just have plenty of fun with Bunk Beds.

        Similar great experienced shared in the story on Review: Bunk Beds for Kids!. I do agree with her that bunk beds can be a great gift for cartoon porn family with children. It does not occupy a lot of space. And I don’t mind someone giving me one too.

        In fact I saw a perfect bunk bed for my kids, the one with a slide down. When they saw that on display, the first thing they asked me to bring it home. They were not successful at it after I distracted them to other things. If you have a bunk bed, please comment on your experience with it.

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      • Finally I upgraded this blog to WordPress 2.9.2 with one click. Yeah, my cpanel provide an upgrade button and I click it. I was procrastinating because I was afraid it might mess up my posts.

        With this version, I got back my old emoticons too. Here are some of them.

        :giggles:   :jump:   :blur:   :shy:   :nono:

        :cry:   :pray:   :wall:   :dance:   :o hno:

        I saw some cool ones while surfing, I will add to it later.

        Someone got her new glasses too, will blog next.

        For those using Feeder to read my blog. The new URL is

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      • Front Seats

        April 13, 2010

        My children are always fighting for front seats. My gal wants to get close to the air cond porn cartoon and my boy just wants to fight with her. Sigh. I rarely get to sit in the front. Funny, when they are in my brother’s car, Avanza, both want to sit right at the back.

        They like to compete with one another and guess who doesn’t like to lose? No prize for that, it is always the younger one.

        My solution to this, Mon, Wed and Fri, Tim gets to sit in front. Tue, Thurs & Sat, Emily gets to sit in front. Of cause, Sun is left for me. No more fighting and they are happy with the arrangement.

        I find that they behave better if there is a rule. Maybe the papa introduced rules when they are in a young age. Now they are train to follow it, not 100% but good enough to have some peace.

      • Birth Announcement

        April 13, 2010

        I love to hear birth announcements, don’t you? There will be one coming up as one of my friends will be delivering soon.

        Chinese make the birth of a baby looks important, big celebration will be done after the baby turns 1 month. We give away red egg, yellow rice and curry. It is our way of announcing the arrival of a new born.

        Some cook pork leg vinegar to give away. I missed this dish and waiting for someone to give me some. It is super delicious.

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      • It is a pretty long title but some recommendation for your kids at school. I got these few books and it is helping Timothy with his Bahasa Malaysia. It is difficult for any of us to teach a language to a child unless we are using it at home or in school.

        Well, I got a dual language dictionary for him. At first it was hard for him to search for the word but now he is getting better. This dictionary is good because the BM word is explained in English and vice versa. It has more than 45 000 words in there. It is a good dictionary for school children. Cost RM38.00

        Next simpul hot lesbian porn an bahasa or peribahasa (idiom) book because it is taught in standard 2. This book explains most of the simpulan bahasa and also gives sample of a sentence using it. Yesterday, I saw Tim flipping the book to find answers on his own. It is good to see him use reference book to find answer rather than getting answers from us. The book cost RM11.90 from Pernerbit Ilmu Bukti Sdn. Bhd.

        Last it is the Sinonim & Antonim (Synonyms & Opposites) book. In Kefahaman/Composition, the student gets asked a lot about similar meaning. This book gives several words to the word, examples in sentence and also the opposites to the word. It is very nicely arranged for the child to read or understand. The book cost RM10.90 from Pernerbit Ilmu Bukti Sdn. Bhd.

      • IT Job Market

        April 9, 2010

        I wonder what the IT job market out there is now. I am bored with my job and everything seems mundane. Maybe my feet are sinking into my own comfort zone.

        The other day, I received news that some of my colleagues are leaving. It makes me realized that I should go out any look for something new too. I may have to spend some time seeking the IT job search. Do you celebrity nude know if you are in the IT line, you can almost do anything? It has a very wide range of job, one can take like technical job, sales job, project management job, management job or administration job. We are a bunch of creative people.

        Well, I don’t have to resign, just go in and gain some information on the IT World out there. Hope I will find something interesting that works for me.

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      • Money Fly Out Fast

        April 8, 2010

        Today I took my gal to check celebrity news her eye, hoping her power will reduce. Also she scratched her glasses lenses really badly. Time to get her a new pair.

        We went there early, there were only 3 patients in front of us. However we waited for a long time. The nurse had to drop some medication for her eye to dilate for the checkup. Well, since we had to wait a long time, we headed for lunch first.

        We came back after lunch just in time to see the doctor. Guess what? The doctor only took 10 minutes to check her power. I was surprised because this doctor usually takes a long time for her procedures. She said her power improve a little but not enough to write a new prescription. She can use back her old prescription.

        For that, it cost RM75. There goes my money not to mention a new pair of spectacles for her.

        Oooh…we even h iphone porn ave a printed eye chart at home to test her eye.


      • I am still not well with runny nose, probably not enough sleep. Somehow last week and this week, I have been busy, not with my kids. They are now very independent, most of the time.

        I had to cover for someone at work, taking his stuff and some of his work is new to me. I need to learn from him. He has been in the company for more than 30 years now. Most ang mo in my company is very loyal. Well he deserves a break, a long overdue one. He will retire soon and I may be his succession. Not a good week to backup him…..

        I am also running my church Sunday School with 60-80 kids. Frankly, I found more joy working for God. The reward is measureless, if you know what I mean. Last week, I had to do a group lesson and this week prepare for Easter Special. With kids, you really have to be creative. Often, I run out of ideas to make the Bible lessons more interesting. I thank God, every time my creative bank runs dry, He will fill it up.

        I am also glad I have a lot of supportive teachers who also help me to make the Sunday School great for the kids. Every month there is a event to organize, Jan – Opening For The Year, Feb – CNY Special, Mar – Picnic, Apr – Easter Special, May – Mother’s Day and Jun – Father’s Day. Pray for me that I have the strength to continue.

        I porn mobile had to prepare 80 kites pattern, goodies bag and ice-cream for Easter. These few nights I have been burning midnight oil, some days until 3-4am to finish it all.

        Today milf porn was enjoyable, the Easter Special brought lots of laughter to the children because the invited guest teacher was fun and he made learning FUN! I wished I have some of his talents. Next I thought the children how to make a kite. A kite to spread God’s word. The children all had fun and they learn what Easter is all about. It is not about rabbit or eggs or chocolate.

        Good Friday is about Jesus who died on the cross for our sins. Easter is about how God, the Father raised Jesus from dead, now he is alive. Because he is alive, those who believe in Him will have eternal life and will be raised up like Him. Simply Amazing.

        Happy Easter….