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      My hubby and I took our children to dinner at Nandos, at the airport. We order 2 quarter chicken (free 1 quarter), corn cob, Mediterranean rice, Greek salad, 1 mango smoothies (for me) and 1 strawberry smoothies (for hubby).

      When the food came, obviously my son was eyeing on the smoothies. Nope, I didn’t give it to him and told him to finish the rice and some chicken before he can have the smoothies (which he thought was ice-cream). The trick is none of us will touch the smoothies until we finish our dinner. Obviously once or twice he asked for it, but mummy said, finish the rice first.

      He took a couple of small chicken drum stick, finished the corn cob and rice. The moment came when I scoop the smoothies into a bowl for him. I can see his BIG SMILE FROM INSIDE HIS HEART. I never seen a sweeter smile ever before. Moments that cannot be capture by a camera. A contented and happy child with little expectation.

      Published on April 4, 2005 · Filed under: Parenting;
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