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      There are so many ways to potty train your child. As your child grows older, he/she will understand you, that is when you will train your child.

      The WRONG way: Scolding your child if he accidentally pee through his pants or pee on his bed. Scolding your child will make not help you in teaching your child to do it the right way. Just making him/her feels more miserable.

      The PATIENT way: My MIL used this method. I must say she is really patient. She started training my nephew when he was 3-4 months old. Every 15 mins, she will take a small bottle and hum the wee wee sound. Surprisingly my nephew will pee to the little bottle. As he grows up, he is able to control his bladder and my MIL will ask him to pee in the bottle every 30-60 mins. Hey, save you a whole lot of diapers.

      The RIGHT way: When your child is able to understand you. You can teach him to pass urine in the potty. Every time he wee in the potty, you reward him, either with a smile, sing a song, clap your hands or say what a clever boy. The point is make a big fuss if he does it right. He will likely to want to wee in the potty, the next time. If he accidentally pees on the floor, just tell him nicely the he should tell mummy or daddy if he wants to wee wee. You also need to remind him every hour. As the child is older, he will be able to control his bladder and he will not need to be asked every hour.

      My boy loves to flush the toilet. He is quite tall and is able to pee on the adult toilet bowl. After every pee, he will flush the toilet. Sorry I still have not master potty training my gal yet. Soon, very soon, I will blog about my success.

      As for bed time, the best is NOT to feed your child too much water 1 hour before bedtime. Have him do his last pee before he goes to sleep. When he wakes up, remind him to pee as well. For hygiene, do buy plastic sheets and place it below your bed sheet. Plastic sheets can be purchase from any pharmacy. This is to prevent urine from passing through your mattress.

      Oh as for the big business, it is advisable to let your child sit on the potty every morning. My boy and gal give a funny expression when they make cake. When I see the funny expression, I will quickly fetch the potty for them.

      Don’t stress yourself by enforcing potty training too early. Make it FUN and YOU will SUCCEED!

      Happy Training!

      Published on April 18, 2005 · Filed under: Parenting;
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