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      Boy: Can nap for 3 hours like mummy.
      Gal: Can nap for 30 minutes like daddy.

      Boy: Not a very light sleeper, any noise will not wake him up like daddy.
      Gal: Very light sleeper, anyone open the door, she will wake up like mummy.

      Boy: Has a cheeky smile like grandpa.
      Gal: Always smile and laugh like daddy.

      Boy: Can be very stubborn like mummy and daddy.
      Gal: Same.

      Boy: Very shy in front of strangers, can be a koala bear sticking to dad.
      Gal: Too young to tell but she doesn’t like strangers carrying her.

      Boy: He can dance very well. Both mummy and daddy cannot dance.
      Gal: Start learning how to twist with music.

      Boy: Strong willed child like mummy kuah.
      Gal: Compliant child like daddy.

      Boy: Look like mummy.
      Gal: Look a bit like daddy, I still cannot tell but from what other people say.

      Both: Like to eat and wai sek, not choosy with food like mummy or daddy.

      Both: Like to go kai kai like mummy.

      Both: Like to bully daddy and mummy somehow.

      At this point:

      Boy: 80% mum & 20% dad.
      Gal: 80% dad & 20% mum.

      Published on April 25, 2005 · Filed under: Parenting;
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    1. eehehe…very balance woh…