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    • Food Poisoning

      My hubby and I had food poisoning yesterday. I had chicken rice and he had chow kuew tiew. I threw up after 3 hours of eating. Heart burn and fever. My hubby felt the same but he didn’t throw up. He had fever and nausea.

      Both of us sick, who is going to take care of my 2 children. They started fighting with each other. This is normal. Lately my son has been very cheeky, he always like to snatch toys from the mei mei. My head was dizzy and my hubby was knocked out. I asked him to go to bed, as he was feeling feverish. It was difficult to take care of children when you are sick. Energy level drop!

      After playing for 2 hours. I sent them to sleep at 8:30pm. Fortunately, my children slept early. Both of them slept on their own. They sleep so early that my son woke up at 4am and came in to my room. I send him back and he continued his sleep.

      Both my hubby and I got MC and the same medicine. I can hardly get MC from panel clinic. They are very strict because no fever, no MC. Throughout my pregnancy, I think I only have 1 MC for each pregnancy. Although I heard that, doctors are not so strict with pregnant lady.

      The black one is charcoal pill to absorb gas, the white one is panadol for fever, the orange one is similar to ENO and I don’t know what is the blue one for. I don’t really like medicine. Everytime I go see doctor, I never take the medicine especially the antibiotic. Rest is all I need.

      Published on August 24, 2005 · Filed under: Parenting;

    6 Responses to “Food Poisoning”

    1. Dunno why all the “kor kor” like to fight with “mei mei”….but normally “che che” seldom fight with “di di” one? When I was small…I never snatched my younger brother toys.

      Pregnancy can take MC ah? Last time I was so stupid…I took emergency leave deducted from my annual leaves.

      Get well soon!

    2. Haiyo, I baru 5 months pregnant but taken 6 days MC already lor! Each visit to gynae oso ask for MC. Not feeling well, go see doctor oso ask for MC…. MC must ask one, if not they dun give.. Sometimes forgot to ask, oso drive back to hospital to get it. I planned to make full use of all the MCs I have this year!! This is the lazy me….

    3. Michelle,

      Moral of ur case: survey the place b4 ordering ur food! LOL (soli just kidding).

      It’s good dat u throw up everytime u’ve nausea, u’ll feel better after dat.

      I had dis food poisoning thing b4 and I understand how u felt yesterday. I felt very uncomfortable at first, then like something thumping inside the head and little bit on the dizzy side, then saliva like very salty, then … EEEEYIOOOK … all came out. It was when I had taken an expired coconut (with the juice)! From then onwards, no more coconut juice for me! I still have this phobia taking coconut juice from the whole fruit.

      U were lucky dat Tim and Emily went to bed early. I guess they could sense dat mommy and daddy were not feeling well. Sooo obedient. Need to muah, muah them liao.

      Wah, so good no need to take medicine and can get better (psst, psst, then why did u go and visit the doc leh? Okok, no offence). Not for me, I always finish the whole course of antibiotic, doctor say mar.

    4. Jefferene: Yeah I only know about the MC for Pregnancy after I delivered.

      Annie: Wah u are so fortunate :D, yeah make full use of yr MCs.

      Tracy: U see the white piece of paper in the picture, that is why I see the doc. I never start the antibiotic so no need to finish lor… 😛 Usually if REST, I will recover. Come to think of it, I never take any antibiotic since I got my chicken pox 11 years ago…WOW.

    5. get well soon

    6. For my 1st pregnancy, since 6mths onward was MC till delivered…:(, din ask for it, but it given by gynea..lucky is my hubby own company else sure kena “goreng sotong” liao..
      And this 2nd pregnancy aslo the same, was better than last only started since 7mths, anyway I still going to work for 1/2 day bcos so many works cant just leave it till am back from confinement…