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    • I Am Back: Trip Part 1 (Unhappy Moments)

      I am sure you all are very excited to hear about my trip back to KL. There were the unhappy and the fun moments of the trip. First let’s share the Unhappy Moments.

      On Friday afternoon, I received a call from my hubby. He said my son’s nursery called and the teacher said my son turn pale and vomited. There goes our travel plans. My hubby fetched him to the nearby clinic, as his usual paed’s clinic was not opened. My hubby returned and told me that the doc examined his heartbeat for over 10 minutes but she could not hear anything. My jaw dropped. Oh, no medicine was prescribed to him but a referral letter to see a cardiologist for further examination. What?? A Cardiologist? What For? This got me worried!!

      By the way, every time we planed for a trip, sure one of the children of mine will come up with something like this. They will be sick. I am very afraid to plan for a trip because with children, it is very unpredictable. Anyway, I took my son to the nearest hospital, 5 minutes drive from my home. He vomited again and he looked really pale. I took him to the emergency ward as the paed’s clinic was off duty. I asked the nurse to call in the paed. This paed was the one who look after my son after my delivery. He is very experience. We seldom see him because his clinic always has a long queue. He is also a friend of my son’s usual paed. The doctors around my area are pretty connected, which is good.

      My son was still looking pale when he was at the ward. Later, my hubby got him a ribena drink. He drank and he returned to normal. He was active again, dancing and chatting.

      The doctor arrived. He did a thorough check on him. He even took blood test. I wanted to do an additional test on allergy since the doc was taking his blood but no chance of that. My son didn’t cry but he struggle until the needle slipped out. Fortunately there was enough blood for the test but not enough for the allergy test.

      Did your doc ever give you his handphone number? I was surprised. He gave me his handphone number and asked me to call him after 1 hour for the blood test result. I did tell him that we would be travelling outstation. He was very understanding. He said there is nothing to worry about. After 1 hour, I called and he said the blood test was normal. Thank God for protecting him.

      As we were travelling down to KL, my son vomited in the car. Phewwww…the car stinks. I clean up the car and spray some glass cleaner at the cushion. I had the plastic bag ready but miss the timing. He had motion sickness before while travelling. Lesson learnt, never over feed your child with motion sickness if you are travelling. Do not give him heavy breakfast. Travelling back, I didn’t give him milk at all. Just gave him a few slices of biscuits. No vomit on the way back.

      However throughout the trip, my son came up with a fever. It went up and down like roller coaster. It is wise to take children’s medicine (fever, cough, runny nose and constipation) whenever you travelled. First night his fever went up to as high as 38.5°C. I didn’t sleep much because I was monitoring him and sponging him. After he took the fever medicine, the fever went down. His fever went on throughout the trip and he had no appetite. I try to give him whatever he likes to eat. By the way, his fever ended today when we return home. Sigh…

      Second unhappy moments of the trip was “Getting the children to NAP”. It is nearly impossible. They were pretty smart, they sleep in the car trip but would not want to sleep at home. My hubby and I were deprived of sleep. We took turns to nap to boost up our energy level. We try not to do so much this time around.

      Let’s do away with all these unhappy moments and go to the happy moments!!!

      Published on August 30, 2005 · Filed under: Parenting;

    4 Responses to “I Am Back: Trip Part 1 (Unhappy Moments)”

    1. “My hubby returned and told me that the doc examined his heartbeat for over 10 minutes but she could not hear anything.”

      Phew….my heart was beating when I read the above sentence, luckily he was fine! But he acted so happy and active at the playground, didn’t look like he was sick the days before.

    2. Jefferene: Sorry to frightened you but it shows that the doc is pretty lousy. The other paed could examined him with no problem.

    3. Ooooo, what a bad experience for u and ur hubby. Tak boleh dengar heartbeat for 10 mins.?! Wah, u must be worried sick. Guess the doc must be joking or it’s time dat the doc change her stethoscope or ‘dig’ her ears!!!

      Ya, it’s true dat never overfeed ur kids b4 travelling in a car cos parents will tend to feed kids b4 travelling for fear of them being hungry. I suppose u will rather prepare some food in the car to feed them instead of overfeeding them b4 getting into the car the next time.

      But was glad to hear dat Tim’s was okay.

      Kids are kids, once they r okay, they’ll be up on their feet again and poor mommy and daddy has got to suffer (do the worrying, cleaning and have sleepless nights taking care of them)

      Anyway it was worthwhile seeing Tim’s up on his feet again and enjoyed himself, rite?

    4. Tracy ya u’re right, I think the paed need to change her/his stethoscope..
      pretty lousy…lucky he/she didn’t give any medicine, else if wrongly take the medicine getting worse, lagi ‘jar lat’…
      Michelle : glad to hear Tim was fine..