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    • Trip Part 2 (Happy Moments)

      A picture paints a thousand words. I will have lots of it here on this post. My children had fun with their grandparents and uncle. They got acquainted to them very fast. My brother loves children and managed to get my son to talk to him. My son doesn’t usually open to any strangers. He can zip his lips for a whole day and not a word comes out of his mouth. That is in school.

      Sunday morning, I took my children to Kizsports. What’s that, you may ask? See for yourself. I met up with some mothers there too. We had fun! Hehehe…come to think of it, I am having more fun than my children. By the way, on weekends, it is best to go when it opened like I went there at 10am. No queue for parking and not many children. We had 2 full hours of fun. A child under 2 pays RM8 and above 2 pays RM20. First time, adult do not have to pay anything. Remember to bring socks for children and adult. If not, you have to pay extra to purchase socks.

      Welcome to Kizsports:

      Rules before having fun..

      Park your stroller here:

      Let the fun begins:

      Time to go for more challenging sports:

      The place:

      At 12 pm, there was a rush of children overflowing the place. That’s because the parents woken up and wanted to shop, so they left their kids there. Well it was time for us to go for lunch.

      Next fun place we went to, after hearing so much about it. It was also in Today’s Star papers. It was AQUARIA. Their official website:

      Adult: RM20 (merdeka promo) and children below 3 no need to pay. The actual admission fees, please refer to the website.

      My impression of it, it was ok, not many species of fish there, the usual common ones. Maybe it is still new. A weird specie swimming around, it was the scuba diver cleaning the place. Anyway nothing can beat the Monterey and Sydney Aquarium.

      Here are RM20 worth of pictures, judge for yourself.

      Iguana welcomes us:

      Next the shark came:

      That’s all the fun we had. I didn’t manage to do much shopping. Sharks! Maybe, next time around. Anyway, got a few nice albums for my hubby’s photography side business.

      Kor Kor, let me drive you back to Penang….

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    6 Responses to “Trip Part 2 (Happy Moments)”

    1. that’s a whole lots of fun you had..and aquaria looks a lil more interesting than the Langkawi Underwater World, probably because it’s new. Shall bring Faythe there when she’s older enough to say fish and shark 🙂

    2. was the Aquaria really packed? I was thinking of organising a trip there with my mum and the kids but heard that it’s really packed and the queue was sooo long…

      the Kizsports looks great tho, might bring Ivan there, maybe can meet other mums

    3. Jazzmint: Make sure it is before 3 yr old, free for her 😀

      Sue: Not many people the day I went, maybe because it was on a weekday. I went on Monday. Now no more merdeka promo, RM38 is pretty costly for wat its worth.

    4. A weird specie swimming around, it was the scuba diver cleaning the place. 😆 you are so humor.
      Kidzport changed a lot, been there 1 1/2 years ago, now seems more toys there.

    5. I brought Joshua to see a normal fish tank that fixed in the lobby of shopping centre, he already pat his heart and said “pa-pa” (scare)…can’t imagine when he is in the AQUARIA. I was initially planned to bring him last Friday, but my nanny said he is too young and doesn’t know how to enjoy.

    6. […] ulling me or want me to carry. A very interesting place to me. But I didn’t see the weird spiece that Michelle mention on her trip there … Today […]