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      Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Let me share a Love Story with you, not mine but a good friend of mine. I started chatting on the Internet during my University’s days. During, that time Jaring did not existed yet, I know I am OLD. There weren’t any chat software like MIRC, ICQ, Yahoo chat, MSN chat or Skype. It is pure Unix command chat. Chatting in a group will give you a real headache, you will see lines and lines of messages scrolling up your screen. No windows, pretty emoticons nor buttons to control. I used to chat in my campus research lab all through the night. I have to say that I knew lots of people through the Internet.

      Anyway, when I returned to Malaysia, I wasn’t into Internet because I had to spend my time making money for a living. A few years later, MIRC was in trend and I started again. I knew a couple of crazy friends there. One of them, let me call him Mike. Most of the people I talked to are Malaysians. Mike is a friendly person and in his mid 20s at that time. He started chatting and he will chat almost 25 hours a day. I knew him because he wanted to know about IT but he graduated in Accounting.

      One day, he told me that he knew this girl from the net. He was practically telling me that he really want to meet her. I am not sure what he and this gal chat about but something certainly sparkled from their conversation. Is there such a thing called cyber love? The problem is that this gal was staying in Sungai Petani, Kedah. I had to dig it out from Mike, who the gal is. From the moment I heard her nick, my jaw dropped. In Internet Chat, we all use nick instead of our real name. Let me called her Sammy. By the way, I met Sammy, she came to KL a few times, I had lunch with her and her friends.

      Mike planned out how to meet her, since she stayed so far away. He had to drive more than 5 hours to get there. He asked me to accompany him. It was fun, never been up North for a long time, I agreed. Man, they need support when it comes to meeting someone special they never meet before. A few friends with me accompanied him up there. We went right after work on Friday. He drove straight, so excited he forgot to fill his tank on his way there. Fortunately we made it there before the tank dried up. By the he drove a pretty cool car too, Honda Prelude.

      When we reached there, the place where they suppose to meet were dark. Nope, there weren’t any fireworks but a great burst of laughter. Love turns into a big joke. I was practically laughing non stop. Sammy turned out to be Simon. It wasn’t a gal that he chatted with but a guy. Mike was very sporting, he took it pretty well. Now I have lost touch with him since my move to Penang. Last I heard, he has gotten married to a pretty gal. Properly, have a handful of kids by now.

      Happy Valentine’s to everyone, you may get the unexpected.

      *Names used in this story are made up.

      Published on February 13, 2006 · Filed under: Myself, Parenting;

    11 Responses to “Internet Love Story”

    1. Life is like a box of chocolate… you’ll never know until you see one… LOL!

    2. Anyway, I still cannot accept cyber love thingy, wonder how these people can fell in love thru net!!??

    3. I don’t believe in that too. I’ve seen my best friend fell in love with a guy from the net, meet up, went out together for 3 years and at last broke up. Turns out that the guy is a useless fella.

    4. it is destiny, some people got hurt, cheated, fool around by relationship on the net, but some people gain love and support.

      p/s, I thought it will be a earlier version of “brokeback Mountain” hahaha… just kidding.

    5. haha, my time was ICQ but I don’t really chat much, my chat list just limit to some of my schoolmate, “NO” to strangers! I think I am not those chitty chatter. Anyway, after become a mummy, got to know lots of mummy thru internet. 🙂

      Can’t imagine than Mike can spend whole day chatting on the net! 😯

      p/s: I know one of the mummy met her hubby from internet and she is having very good life now! 😛

    6. you mean you knew Sammi was a man all along (since you’d met him before when he was in KL), and you just went along with the jog to meet him with the love struck Mike?

      A bit cruel right? To put Mike through with a big practical joke?

    7. hahah that’s a good one :P…so far never had such encounter 😛

      i started off with MIRC, got pretty sick of the flooding, then moved to ICQ where I met a lot people, some become good frens, some became bf, and 1 became hubby :dance:

      of course it wasn’t just cyber love..we did meet up and then now I’ve left ICQ pretty much…MSN the way

    8. Egghead: But nowadays chocs are predictable.

      Jess, Sabrina: I know a few success story in cyber world. Actually you know 2 of them, but I am not telling you who and who. :sil: Actually still need courting before making a commitment. I know those get married after meeting will not work.

      Jefferene: Internet chatting can be very addictive at the beginning.

      Zara’s mama: Yes, I know Sammy before they met. I know Mike is a cool guy and sporting too. He can take it. It was sort of a lesson to him not to believe anything people say. Actually I didn’t play any practical joke, he said he wanted to meet her.

      Jasmine: Yeah, agree with you 100%, MIRC is a mess especially when people flood.

    9. Most of the ppl play MIRC are chead ppl, cant 100% trust them 🙂 Your friend so nice, if hot temple ppl he sure ‘kena’ bit..haha.

    10. LOL!!
      poor fella. I bet he became the butt of jokes ever since.

    11. yeah.. Mike is cool..
      a good laugh which will last for a while.. 😛