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      My babysitter has been teaching Emily mandarin. She has thought her how to address people. She can address people once we point to the person and said “Jiao Tar” (address her/him). The best is when she addressed ku ku, babysitter hubby’s sister. She will make her lips pucker and make her eyes small.

      Now this is very cool because as and when I want her to call me, all I have to say is the magic words, “Jiao Wor”.

      Me: Jiao Wor
      Emily: Mummy ah

      Me: Jiao Wor
      Emily: Mummy ah
      Tim: Mummy.

      Isn’t this cool? 90% of the time this works but the 10% when she wants to tease mummy and ignore me.

      Published on February 22, 2006 · Filed under: Emily, Parenting;

    5 Responses to “Jiao Wor”

    1. hehe… my son will think a few seconds before he make up his mind on the right addressing one… LOL!

    2. Learn more from Emily! Then u can speak mandarin well too! 😀

    3. Emily still teasing you? Zara utters mummy very frequently.. Mummy here mummy there..

    4. So cute…You can actually pick up mandarin pretty fast by learning from Emily.

    5. Everyone: Hey I do know how to speak mandarin and understand too. Just not fluent. 😀

      Zara’s mama: Yeah poor me. She does that often too. 😥