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      My hubby’s company has a unique benefit. Every year, the company will give the employee RM500 to join recreation membership. The company is too small to have its own gym or recreation. After all, exercise is very important for the employees to stay healthy.

      Anyway, for those who do not want to sign up for any gym memberships, they can use it to join a book shop membership like Popular or MPH. Annually my hubby will renew his MPH membership and use the RM500 vouchers to buy books. Books exercise our brains. Normally half the money will go to children books.

      This year I bought these books, the rest my hubby used up.

      1. Dr. James Dobson Bringing Up Boys VCD, part 1 and part 7 (I will blog about my learning later). After watching part 1, I will get the entire series (1-10) later.
      2. Sun Tzu’s The Art of War
      3. Asiapac Comic – Chinese Business Strategies
      4. Asiapac Comic – Golden Rules For Business Success
      5. Asiapac Comic – Sun Bin’s Art of War
      6. His Word In My Heart

      I am not trying to start a business or anything but I love reading comics and some of the strategies help me with work management. Hey comics are fun to read and it doesn’t take up a lot of time, especially most of it is taken by sleep, work and children.

      Later I will blog of how I used one of the strategies to win a prize. You gonna kill me, I won something big. Stay tune, I will tell you all about it and when I received it.

      Books are fun. Books are great. Lets sit down and read a book today

      Published on February 27, 2006 · Filed under: Parenting;

    5 Responses to “Books”

    1. Win the contest base on the tips from book? hey, what book is that, share with me!! I wanna win any contest too! 🙂

    2. not bad wor the benefit! can buy comics one ah?

    3. When I was young, my parent used to buy those history and novel in comic or cartoon for me, after understand the story, then later start reading the book, good help.

    4. Wah.. not bad.. can buy books..
      Wow, you read all these business strategy books huh? I prefer novels, although I would love to read self help books, it normally makes we doze off mid way.

      Won another price? Wow, your family all got luck in winning prizes one huh?

    5. I used to read a lot too (hee hee, novels of romance) but now don’t seem to find time even to glance thru a comic.

      How come u and ur family are so lucky in contests?