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    • Motorbike Accident

      Those motorbikers never learn, they like to beat the red light. :naughty: Today I witness an accident where this guy tried to beat the red light on his motorbike. He was looking at the wrong direction. A car came with quite high speed, crash onto the motorbike. I saw the guy flying upwards and down, landing on his bum. Fortunately, the car driver could slow down the speed and stop at the accident area, to reduce the impact of the crash. The car was badly dented at the side, I didn’t see what car she was driving. Anyway, the poor guy was sitting on the road, was still conscious but he was blur on what just happen to him. His motorbike is gone.

      I really dislike those motorbikers who really think they can save time by beating the traffic lights and have no thoughts whatsoever on their life. In Penang, 7 out of 10 motorbikers will do that. It is so dangerous. If you are driving here, you should slow down when approaching the traffic light junction. You may not expect something will shoot out from another direction. Drive safely to save life. :good:

      Published on April 18, 2006 · Filed under: Information, Parenting;

    8 Responses to “Motorbike Accident”

    1. If they hv brain, sure they will not do this!
      In fact we experience b4 driving in Penang, now think back, still scare scare!

    2. yeah! I also saw one who crashed with a lorry last weekend… huge crowd and some police came! dunnot whether it’s fatal or not! sigh!

    3. yeah man.. they drive safely.. will also make us more safe.

    4. Ya lor, why can’t and when can these motorbikers learn? They think they are in a race or what? Never use their brain to think about the consequences they will face.

    5. hehe agree with u, i hate those motorbikers. especially those that goes zapping left n right the traffic. they always wanna be quick and drive dangerously, but when accident happens, they want u to pay even if it’s their fault. A bit teruk case rite

    6. yes, i agree with you, i hope everyone in Penang drive carefully and follow the rules lah. Maybe this is called “selfish” loh.

    7. Hui Sia said on

      Ya, drive safely to protect own life and other’s life.
      My place has some bicyclers drive their bicycle like driving motorbike, really horrible scene.

    8. no need to see this at the traffic light, in front of my house only always happen.

      Apparently those biker never know what the signal means for, everytime the car give left signal light to show car is parking to the house, the biker still think they can squeeze at the left and pass, just like that always cause us bang on them, or almost bang on them.