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      Tim just learns this word. Mummy buy this. Mummy buy that. Mummy also thought him these 2 words “No money”.

      Tim: Mummy buy black car.
      Mummy: No money. You got money?
      Tim: Got in the Barney’s coin box. :wall:

      He took the McD discount promotion coupons that was recently received and asked me to get things for him. Things like sharpener and Thomas train VCD. Better not tell Tim how much he got in his bank account. :giggles:

      One time, I was giving them honey stars for breakfast. I told him, must pay me for the honey stars. He went to the table, took 10 sen (which I left there) and pay me. :giggles:

      Now someone else catches on.

      Tim: Mummy go Giant buy Nemo.
      Emily: No money. 😆

      She is really my assistance and she has been very talkative. It is amazing how she pick up words. The latest is “Mummy, go follow kor kor to school”. Not sure she asked me to go to school with Tim or she wants to go to school.

      Published on June 8, 2006 · Filed under: Parenting, Timothy;

    10 Responses to “Buy Buy Buy”

    1. LOL…one time I also tell wien mummy no money, then she give me all the 1 cents from her ah gong’s coin wallet! :wall:

    2. LOL! the kids are really picking up things fast!

    3. Hahahaha…your little “assistant” is so cute! Wait you see, she will start asking Mummy to buy things.

    4. Emily is really your little assistance huh?
      You can just ‘delegate’ all the nagging to her. 😛

    5. Emily act on behalf of mummy…and I think she is wants to go school….

    6. michelle said on

      Jess: How come your ah gong so poor, only 1 cents?

      Egghead: Yeah, sooner they will be more clever than the parents.

      Vien: Then I tell her “no money”.

      Zara’s mama: Not a wise idea hor, don’t really want her to become a nag bag.

      Chanel: I did ask her whether she wants to go school. She said “mai”.

    7. just say “no money” the impact not enough, I how the girls my empty wallet, then add: “go ask daddy give money to mommy, give a lot.” LOL…

    8. sound so familiar, Adrian also like to ask me buy this and that, when told him ‘no money’ he will said his coin box got alot :wall: , he even said give me money, if I said not enough he will said ask Papa give me :grin:,
      Emily so cute, and so sayang mummy hor…

    9. ohoh…Emily so sweet, can help mommy …kids is like that, they like to buy this and that…Tim also pandai, know where to get money and ask mommy to buy this and that..haha..i think next time JJ also will do the same…

    10. michelle said on

      Maria: Yes, I used that trick also. Ask daddy to buy.

      Rachel: Same here, Tim will get it from his barney coin box.

      Irene: Welcome to my blog. For girls, it gets more expensive by the year.