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      I am trying to write a medical post with no medical background whatsoever. Often a lot of people confuse thyroid with tonsils. Both are totally different and function differently. Thyroid disorder will make hormones go amok.

      Basically Thyroid is a gland takes iodine in the body and manufacture hormones called thyroxine (T4) and thriiodothyronine (T3). All the cells in the body depends on the hormones to regulate metabolism.

      There is 2 types of Thyroid disorder, Hyperthyroidism and Hypothyroidism. Hyper is overproducing of T4 & T3. Hypo is of coz lacking of T4 & T3.

      Symptoms of Hyper could be:
      Weight Loss
      Heat Intolerance
      Hands Tremor
      Muscles Weakness
      Irregular Period
      Vision Problem
      Hair Loss
      Fast Heart Rate
      Increase in Bowel Movement

      Symptoms of Hypo:
      Weight Gain
      Sensitivity to the cold
      Slower pulse rate
      Heavy Period
      Dry skin/hair
      Muscle Cramp
      Memory Loss

      There are a few ways to treat this disorder. If you go untreated, it will become severe. Example too much weight lost, suffer insomnia, heart complication and sometimes the thyroid will become cancerous. Treatments such as Anti Thyroid Hormones Drug, Radioactive Iodine, Surgical Removal or taking thyroxine to restore level, if you are under.

      By the way, a clear symptoms that can show you that you have thyroid problem is the neck area when the thyroid gland is, is swollen. If you are in doubt, please consult your doctor, he will run a blood test to see your T3 & T4 level.

      After much said, I am hyper with T3 & T4 normal but I have goitre. Probably the hormones are trapped in the gland and no where to go. I have seek many specialist advise, seems that no medicine for me. 🙁 The only means is to go for a surgery to remove it. Oh well, this is my next mission. The good side of it all, I get 15 days of MC. :dance:

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    9 Responses to “Thyroid”

    1. Wahh u, going for an operation still so happy!
      :pray: for you

    2. ya lor, echo Rachel, 15 days MC for operation still do dancing *sweat*…

      keep us update then.

    3. What is Goitre?

      When I go and see a dr, they always think that I have thyroid, b’cos I have bulging eyes.. and they always ask me to do the test to see if my hands are shaking..

      No thyroid for me..

      Yeah.. how come you need to go for surgery and still doing :dance:

    4. Luckily you’ve found out earlier. Take plenty of rest, hope the surgery goes well.

    5. Hope everything goes well for u! :pray:

    6. Apparently you were experienced dibidang the health

    7. “Fuk jor lei” lor. Still so happy. If I, I’ll be worried sick liao. But come to think of it, be happy and strong to face it instead of ‘trembling’ every day hor? My very best wishes to u and will be praying for u!

    8. michelle said on

      Everyone: Thanks guys. Hey it is not like end of the world. I done that before 12 years ago. Better to be happy than sad right. Besides God will protect me. :good:

    9. Take care yah