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      From 8 months onwards, my son Tim dislikes milk from the bottle. I had to spoon feed him through spoon. I have changed his milk powder to variety of brands or add milo but he just doesn’t want to take it from the bottle. Strange, he takes water from milk bottle. Anyway, it didn’t stop me from discontinuing his milk intake. I believe milk is important for his growing bones.

      When he was older and learns how to sip from the cup, he takes milk from the cup. However he is very slow in finishing it. Sometimes it can take 45 minutes to finish it and the fastest was 15 minutes. As you read, I always have to remind him to finish it fast. Even Emily can drink faster than him.

      Once I said to both him and Emily, whoever drinks the fastest can receive a present from me. However, that didn’t work either but it did improve his finishing time. By the way, his normal routine is after finishing the milk he will put the cup in the sink.

      One day, the usual I gave the bottle to Emily and gave Tim the cup of milk. I walked to the study room and do my usual surfing, while they watch TV drinking milk. I think I sat for 2 minutes and I saw Tim walking to the sink. I asked him whether he finished his milk, he nod his head. I said “Wow, you so clever boy today, finished faster than Emily.” He was very happy and said “Got present, yeah”. :giggles: After that day, it takes less than 5 minutes for him to finish his milk.

      Tim likes it when I say, “you so clever boy” or “you are a good boy”. Oh well, here is another method of disciplining your child, better than the usual cane.

      Published on June 19, 2006 · Filed under: Parenting, Timothy;

    6 Responses to “What You Say Makes A Difference”

    1. yeah, kids like to be praised too!
      Praise him more so that he’ll feel proud!

    2. I have to clap like a monkey some more 😛

    3. Yes.. praising is part of disciplining.. I do that to Zara often, makes her kembang.. and she would want to repeat performance. 😛 Or little bags of tricks. :hand:

    4. Yup, some kids prefer the soft way. Jeriel don’t like hard way and the harder you scold, the more he go against.So must play soft way and praising…

    5. oh yea, positive reinforcement is the way to go to get kids do things your way. i’m already starting to do it by saying, “Yaaay” to Belle and clap hands (like egghead, like monkey).

    6. michelle said on

      Jess: Don’t we all love to be praise.

      Egghead: Hahaha…how true.

      Zara’s mama: Definitely better than the cane.

      Chanel: I guess you have to give him more praises then.

      Vien: :clap: :clap: