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      I had an early telecon this morning and had to go to the office for it. Tim & Emily were still sleeping. I carried Emily out quietly but she woke up. She opened her sleepy eyes and saw mummy. As I was walking out the main door, she started crying. I carry her back in, she stopped. I walk out, she struggled. Back in, she stopped. :wall: If you were there, you will see me walking back and forth, while carrying her.

      In my mind, I could have just let her down on the sofa and let her wake up fully. Switch on some cartoon to make her happy. However, I know when its time for her to go to the nanny, she will cry. I decided to let her cry and carried her over. When she reached the nanny, the nanny asked her to stop crying. She stopped. Sigh, how come she bullied me?! :sc: My nanny is fairly strict with her and she listens to her more than me.

      I notice that she could be bored at the nannyโ€™s place. I am still thinking whether to start her with nursery (preschool) together with her brother? At least she will have more fun in school. I know she will enjoy it. What do you think?

      Published on June 20, 2006 · Filed under: Emily, Parenting;

    10 Responses to “Dilemma”

    1. not to say bully you lah… just wanna “teh” a bit in front of mother mah ๐Ÿ˜›

    2. Jeriel always bully his PaPa. The person who take care of them the most is the one that they won’t dare to bully. Jeriel has been attending Church Nursery every Sunday and has interest to go to nursery. Planning to send him next year. Some people may say I am cruel but then he wants to go…

    3. Luckily for me, Zara bully maid, but very listen to me. Haha.. maybe b’cos I’m strict to her ma.

      Btw, your nanny is your neighbour ah?

    4. My opinion is at 2 still too young to enter nursery, no doubt she can have fun there! Nanny’s place no other kids?
      Wien dislike to go Sunday School now, I predict might have problem sending her to preschool next year :wall:

    5. michelle said on

      Egghead: Yeah “Teh” tarik for mummy’s morning breakfast. :wall:

      Chanel: Yeah both Tim & Emily have no prob with Sunday School. The teacher is real good.

      Zara’s mama: Yeap, my neighbour is my nanny. She is a mom of 3 and wasnt a babysitter before Emily. Her kind heart took her when I was desparate for a babysitter. Prev babysitter had emergency medical problem. She only gave me 2 days notice when she knew about it long before. ๐Ÿ˜ก

      Jess: Got 3 kids but all in school. Try to find a preschool that make education fun then she will not have a problem.

    6. My folks sent both my sis and me to nursery/preschool when we were 2. Till today she still highly recommends it. There are pros and cons to sending a child that young to school. Pros are she gets interaction from kids her age, they actually teach kids the basics abc, 123, etc. Cons: kids contract cold/flu/cough easily, some may not change diapers that often. I guess you just have to weigh it out. Not every kid is ready for preschool. You know your child the best, so, I’ve no doubt you will know what is best for her. ๐Ÿ™‚

    7. Depends on you lor. If you think she can learn more and have more friends, then go ahead rather than leave her with the nanny and let her feel bored and do nothing. I’ve started sending Keith when he was 1 yr coz’ he has nothing to do at home and always disturb MIL. Since, he has the interest in learning, I might as well send him to pre school for 2 hrs everyday. At least MIL will also have her own free time.

    8. I will prefer to sent the kids to preschool if I am a working mom, more playmates leh.

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