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    • 6 Weeks Mission Completed

      Project Manager: Me
      Team Players: Timothy & Emily

      Mission: Stay Alive :giggles:
      Completion Date: 21st June 2006.
      Issue: Daddy Away on Business Trip for 7 weeks (Extended).

      Major Accomplishments:

      1. KL Trip During Wesak Week.

        a. Experienced AA Flights.
        b. Experienced LCCT.
        c. Shopping Spree.

      2. First Experience Watching Movie on Big Screen with Tim & Emily
      3. Emily’s Birthday Celebration
      4. Penang Beach Vacation
      5. Emily’s MCU Examination
      6. Drive through hilly, windy and narrow road alone to get to Penang Tropical Fruit Farm. If you know Penang road, it is from Bayan Lepas -> Balik Pulau -> Teluk Bahang, shorter and very beautiful view.

      Now I know being a single mother is so difficult if no help is offered. At least for me, if I don’t like it, I can get out of it when daddy returned. I have to say I am proud of myself. My sister was surprised I told her I had to cross the airplane runway with 2 children. 😯 I prayed everyday for God to give me strength. He did protect my children and I, plus he gave us plenty of fun!

      Pictures below show what daddy got for the kids and me. :clap: He bought me a watch which I selected from the net, clothes, Legos, nuts, cheries, shoes, lots of clothes and etc…

      Now it is daddy’s turn with the children. I will be away on vacation! 😆 Actually to start my next mission. :pray:

      p/s The children were shy to see papa after 7 weeks. 😯

      Watch for me:




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    10 Responses to “6 Weeks Mission Completed”

    1. Congratulations for your mission! The reward not bad wor!
      why not posted the cloth pic?

    2. mag2tree said on

      Nice watch. You certainly accomplished a lot in that 7 days!

    3. mag2tree said on

      Eerr…7 weeks I mean!

    4. Wah! I tabik you. All these time I thought ur DH was with you for the past 7 wks.

    5. michelle said on

      Jess: Too many to post mah…:P

      Mag2Tree: Time flies too!

      Vien: For security reason, I kept it a secret.

    6. congratulation to you :)… :clap:
      So many presents from daddy :dance:

      Most of the time me being Mimi alone with 2 kids..

    7. Well Done !!!
      You got your reward…nice watch….

    8. *fire works* *flying balloon* *pop champagne(change it to sparkling juice if you don’t take alcohol)* *clap clap clap* LOL….

      Congrate, congrate :D.

      err… hah? your turn to go vacation? so syiok?

    9. After 7 weeks of hard work, u had very good ‘sau wok’ (rewards) mar. Worthwhile, wasn’t it? But come to think of it, during the 7 weeks alone with the 2 kids seemed so long but after the 7 weeks, wow! how time flew, just a ‘snap of the fingers’.

      Being a single mother is really really not easy. I had my experience raising my elder dotter alone for more than 10 years. I fully understand.

      Anyway, it’s time for u to take time off now.

    10. congrats congrats…finally hubby is back huh…neck must be so long liao waiting for him hehehe.

      wow he bought a lot of things eh..I’m sure the kids are thrilled with the toys.