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      Tim took a catalogue that have Cars™ merchandize in it.

      Tim: Mummy buy this, yeah.
      Mum: Ask your daddy.

      Tim showed daddy.

      Tim: Papa, buy this.
      Papa: This one.
      Tim: Yes this one.

      Papa took the catalogue and went into the kitchen. After a while, he came back out and passed the thing to Tim. Actually papa took a scissors and cut out whatever Tim wanted.

      Papa: Nah, now say thank you.
      Tim: Thank you.
      Mum: :giggles:

      Published on June 25, 2006 · Filed under: Parenting;

    9 Responses to “Father 1 Tim 0”

    1. :clap: :clap: :clap: for Mr. Loong. I’ve learnt a new way to tackle Des when she points out to pictures in catalogues or newspapers dat she wants this or that. Kakakakaka!

    2. LOL! Maybe I will take cue from Tim’s dad!

    3. Hahaha… classic :clap:, ok, next time twins ask me for something from toy’r’us catalogue, I will copy what Tim’s daddy did.

    4. 😎 Good trick!

    5. Wah…good trick. Will add this into my parenting tip box.

    6. Hehe…I learnt something new. Hehe..

    7. hahaha..good trick.

    8. good idea , without having to think of reason to explain..

    9. mag2tree said on

      Wonder whether it works for my boys. Must Try!