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    • MCU II

      June 6, 2006

      I just got back from the hospital. I just wanted to share some good news with you. Probably a birthday gift from God to her. Emily was due for a second MCU with a pass record of reflux grade 1 and UTI. History here.

      Her results came out normal. She doesn’t need prolong antibiotic. Praise God! :dance: Rachel blog about the entire MCU procedure here.

      She had fever before the procedure, I was afraid that the doctor may cancel it. Anyway, she went ahead. Her fever was due to sore throat and runny nose. I took her into the hospital early morning. I gave her the sedation medicine. Immediately after the medicine, she dozed off. Wow, I thought the medicine was effective. However during the procedure, she woke up. She didn’t scream although surrounded by strangers and mummy was not visible. I was not allowed into the x-ray room. I heard the officer said, she went back to sleep. Everything was done successfully as compare to last time, without sedation, she screamed so loud.

      After that, she enjoyed herself in the playroom and watch all the cartoon on Astro Disney channel. The children wad change so much, definitely more children friendly.

      Oh well, definitely a hectic week for me. 3rd mission is coming up. Sigh. Life is filled with so many exciting things with children.

    • Birthday Weekend

      June 5, 2006

      It was Emily’s birthday on Sunday as well as mine. As mentioned before, she wanted a Tigger cake. The cakes store I went to, do not have any Tigger cake. I printed the face of Tigger and ask one of the cake house to custom make. This is what I printed:

      And I got this, not bad eh…. :good:

      Here is where Emily enjoyed her cake:

      After which I brought both my children to enjoy nature, to the Penang Beach. Let me whine about the hotel. The hotel ran out of towels, could you believe that? Secondly there were so many children, that the children pool was filled with dirt. Some children were not even in their swimming suit. There was no control over the children pool. Thirdly, the staffs weren’t very friendly. Fourthly the condition of the hotel is poorly maintained. I probably will not go back there again.

      Beside that, children had fun. Started with a welcome drink:

      Proceed to have fun with the sand:

      Mummy enjoying the seaview:

      The banana boat:

      Fun in the room:

      After a swim: