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      Yesterday I was back to work. A lot of friends asked me why not take more MCs? If I take more, the load of backlog will probably kill me. Everything seems urgent and needs to be done like yesterday. Fortunately while I was on MC, I cleared some emails. I am a person who doesn’t like my Inbox to fill up. My Inbox must only have 10-15 emails.

      I really do not understand why people can have 200-300 emails in the inbox. How do they ever find what they need? One of my colleagues is like that. She will ask you to resend or forward it to her again if she cannot find it. :eh: It will add more garbage to her Inbox. Besides that, you will never get a quick response from her.

      Anyway, besides work, friends will come around to kepoh. I didn’t tell many that I had a surgery. Now it is obvious as I was not in the office for 2 weeks and had a scar around my neck. They will curiously come and ask me what’s wrong, what is thyroid and look at me as if I was not normal. I am normal with missing thyroid gland, no big deal. By the way, I had to take long term medication, 1 small pill a day and visit the doc long term, few months once.

      A funny thing happened. It started when someone very kind and thoughtful ordered something from the Net, to send me a get well soon gift with flowers. The gift was sent to my house while I was MCing. The flowers & gifts were not very presentable and I suppose the florist was not very professional. Imagine that, the price tag was still on the gift. What would you do if you were me? Tell your friend about it? Keep quiet, after all it is the thought that counts. I tell you all about it in the next post.

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    9 Responses to “Back To Work”

    1. I will probably keep quiet abt the price tag but thank for the gift. It’s funny to tell I guess…like what you said it’s the thought that counts no matter how unpresentable the gifts are. 🙂

    2. of coz keep quiet lah… you’ll never know how your friend is going to react 😛

    3. Aiyo.. you should have told the florist instead of your friend..

      Err.. I’m one of those who have more than 400mails in my in box.. I can never catch up with my mails.. 100 a day!

    4. That’s the disadvantage order stuff from net, you will never know what happen to the item when reach recipient!

    5. If I were u, I’ll tell my fren to let her know what happened so dat she won’t be cheated. Then ur fren can call up the florist to ‘bombard’ them and ask them explanations or at least for compensation. And ur fren will know she shouldn’t order anything from the florist again.

    6. I think you thank you friend and inform her , like Tracy said so that your friend won’t waste money using that company to order gift in future…

    7. MagicTree said on

      Depends on how close you are to your friend I guess. very close friend, can tell, not so close friend…might get offended. Wah….so curious on your part II story.

    8. I would thank your friend and not mention to her about the price tag BUT will tell her the items were not presentable. If she spent a bomb for it, she should be made aware that her money isn’t well spent. If she didn’t..err..I guess like they said, “yat fun chin, yat fun for”..then u just thank her and clam the mouth. 😆

    9. michelle said on

      Allyfeel: Tough, on 1 hand, you don’t want to offend your friend, on the other, you don’t want the florist to get away with it.

      Egghead: I know. 😆

      Zara’s mama: A tip for you, if some of those 100 a day emails are from friends, probably mostly forwarded stuff, open a private gmail account for it. Not sure whether your company got spam filter, but google spam filter is good. I usually advise my friends not to send any personal emails to my company mail. Hey I don’t want my personal stuff to land in the company backup tape drive. 😆

      Jess: Exactly.

      Tracy: Precisely my point but need to do it gracefully. Some friends will be offended, so need to know whether he/she can take it.

      Chanel: Yeah, could have just send the money to me…j/k 😆

      MagicTree: Yes, agreed.

      Vien: Opps, I did mention the price tag and I know the gift is not cheap.