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      Emily sulking on the kitchen floor, as usual. By the way, my dry kitchen floor is very clean. I have another wet kitchen which I do all the oily cooking.

      Mummy: Emily, please do not sleep on the floor.
      Tim: Yeah, ants come and bite you.
      Emily: *ignore us*
      Tim: Cockroach come and kiss… kiss… (*his brain working, thinking kiss is a good thing*) kor kor. 😆
      Mummy: Why kiss kor kor and not Emily.
      Tim: Kiss kor kor and bite Emily. Emily sleeps on the floor. :giggles:

      Emily: *ran to mummy* Kor Kor crying. No ice-cream for kor kor.
      Mummy: Why no ice-cream for kor kor?
      Emily: Kor Kor crying. Only give Emily ice-cream.
      Mummy: You still cough cough, cannot eat ice-cream.
      Emily: *shake head* No more cough cough already.
      Mummy: Go sayang Kor Kor first.
      Emily: Kor Kor no cry ah.

      The other day Emily was having fever, so I took her and Tim to the clinic. Ever seen children eager to go clinic? Both of them were very excited to go to the clinic. It has lots of toys in the waiting area. Plus, the doctor gives them surprises.

      Emily & Tim took out their shoes.
      Entered into the Clinic.
      Emily stood on the scale to weigh herself. (12.2kg)
      Emily grabbed a nice toy police car to play.
      Doctor called Emily.
      Mummy took her in and she sat on the chair closest to the doctor.
      Doctor checked her heartbeat and temperature. (37.9)
      Emily said “I want vitamin C *pointing at the big bottle*”

      Doctor continued to examine her, as he didn’t hear her because he was talking at the same time. Tim ran into the room, asking for the same.

      At this point, Emily doesn’t like it because the doctor wanted to poke her mouth to check the throat. Mummy had to hold her down. She screamed and doctor was able to view her throat. (Red)

      Doctor took a few vitamins C for both Tim and Emily. Both ran out to play.

      By the way, consultation with the doctor here is RM20 per child and the rest is medication. Usually the antibiotic is the most expensive medicine, the rest is like RM10-20. This clinic is good as they put name and date of the medicine on the label. That way, I know what the medicine is and when it will expire. All the medicine is kept in the fridge. It saves some money, as I do not have to keep buying fever, cough and runny nose medicine.

      I will be MIA for a whole week, so don’t miss me yeah. :dance: I will tell you all about it after I returned.

      Published on July 14, 2006 · Filed under: Emily, Parenting, Timothy;

    8 Responses to “Conversations & Doctor Visitation”

    1. enjoy your week off!

    2. Huh? Cockroach kiss kiss kor kor and bite Emily? Hahaha, this kor kor was trying to trick mei mei ah?

      Wah, real smart of Emily. Got ice-cream to eat, sure no cough cough already. Hahahahaha.

      Mich, not only ur kids are eager to go to the clinic, Des likes to go too. Whenever she has a little bit of fever or hurt herself, she’ll tell us to take her to the clinic. It’s not the doctor she likes to see, it’s the clinic’s play area which she likes to visit. *roll eyes*

      MIA? Whatever u have planned, ENJOY urself! (heehee, *wink wink* u know I know lor hor?)

    3. Wien: eeee…Tim, cockroach so smelly, u also want to kiss kah? 😆

      Enjoy your off day, do blog it yeah!

    4. Eeee.. Tim wants to kiss cockroach.

      Wow.. Penang see paed so cheap one ah? Here consultation is RM50 to RM80!!

    5. michelle said on

      If you read it correctly, it is cockcroah kiss Tim, not the other way around. 😆 By the way, he haven’t seen a real one yet.

    6. Here, I only have to do co-pay, which is 10 bucks for consultation. Medication is usually 10 bucks at pharmacy (generic brand lah). But ar, docs here dont usually prescribe antibiotic…only tell us to buy OTC drugs. Good and bad lor. Anyway, enjoy the rest of the week! 🙂

    7. michelle said on

      Vien: Yeah, I know US medication is expensive. My doctor told me the patient rest in the hotel after a surgery, it is cheaper. By the way, my children medication is all covered by my company.

    8. me also usually keep extra medication at home to self-administer when Jeriel sick (minor minor one). His Paed will teach us…Save $$$