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    • Rubber Tongue

      We went passed some fruits stall and Tim said something to make us all laugh.

      Tim: I want to eat rubber tongue.

      Mum & Dad look puzzled. :sc: Figuring out what he was saying. Suddenly…

      Mum & Dad: oooooh rambutan! 😆
      Tim: Rambutongue. Mummy Buy!

      We never gave him rambutan before, I wonder who thought him that, maybe he learned it from school.

      Published on July 25, 2006 · Filed under: Parenting;

    7 Responses to “Rubber Tongue”

    1. not hairy-tan? LOL!

    2. Wien: Tim, come to my place, gong gong’s old house got lots of rubber tougue now(yellow color wan wor!) 😆

    3. maria @ twinsmom said on

      LOL… yee…. hairy rubber tongue, how to talk? LOL….

    4. Haha.. they are so cute hor. Make up the sound of a word with the words they know.

    5. Next time ask him to explain what is it..then he will give a very interesting explaination…

    6. :lol::lol::lol:

    7. Haha..So cute. Rubbertongue. Keith called in lamlutan.