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    • Bedtime Story – Tale of Two Cities

      A story of how I know twinsmom, due to sensitivity, I created a story.

      Once upon a time, there are 2 cities whose queens (Xi & Jiang) cannot see eye to eye with each other. It was mostly due to the cities’ policy that causes a conflict problem. Xi’s policy is stricter while Jiang’s policy is loose, the people has freedom do think and ask.

      Xi’s was furious when she looks at Jiang’s city. The way it was run. She couldn’t let Jiang get away with some of the policies that she condemns in her own city. She sent herself over as spy with some of her minister. She caused a big havoc in that city. Jiang’s people knew about it and that caused a flame war.

      While the war was going on in the background, a businessman (Mun) came into the cities. Mun was staying in Jiang’s city for a long time and helping the people out. Mun had a few problems, which she cannot get help from Jiang’s people. She left and went over to Xi’s city. In Xi’s city, one of the policy is to know the city policy thoroughly before you can do your business. Xi and her ministers were monitoring the people movement. Xi or the ministers thought that Mun was a spy from Jiang’s city. Mun did no harm to the city of Xi, she wanted help and seeking help from the people of Xi. She did get good knowledge from the people of Xi.

      One day, Mun receive a mysteries letter from someone unknown. In the letter, there were evidences of Xi and her ministers accusing Mun of being a spy and a lot of bad thing wrote about her. Mun was stress up due the problems she had and now she has been flame by the people of Xi. She confronted Xi and the ministers. In the end, one of the ministers asked Mun to leave. Mun shook off dust on her feet and left the land of Xi.

      Mun started her own city, she continue her business. Often, she still visits Jiang’s city and continues that relationship. After a few months/years passed, one of the ministers of Xi, Ming came to Mun’s city. She made friends with Mun, Mun welcomes her. It blossoms into a great relationship. Ming is no longer a minister of Xi, because she couldn’t live with Xi’s policy. Ming builds her own city too. Mun and Ming become great friends.

      After reading this, if you have any questions email me. Please do not disturb twinsmom, she is busy due to her family commitments. I know most of you are smart, you can basically work it out. Thanks.

      Feel free to tell this story to your children.

      Published on July 28, 2006 · Filed under: Parenting;

    9 Responses to “Bedtime Story – Tale of Two Cities”

    1. you should make the story plot like a love story (lesbian kind?) mah! 😛

    2. I am going to email & kacau u… 😡

    3. maria @ twinsmom said on

      hehehe… this is real fun to read over and over again 😆

    4. jefferene said on

      Basically I am able to understand the whole story and able to quess the Identity of Xi, Jiang, Mun and Min. 🙂

      Why suddenly become strory teller huh?

    5. Ming is you and Mun is Twinsmum?

      Aiyo.. so complex one.. I also want to email and kacau you liao

    6. michelle said on

      Egghead: No need to instill this into our children. 😀 Enough of Les around.

      Jess: I know you will ping me.

      Maria: Next time, I publish a book. 🙂

      Jefferene: You are a smart gal. My fault because I stir up curiosity and people want to know how I know Maria.

      Zara’s mama: Good try. Try again!

    7. I’m lost in the entire story.

    8. I think Mun is you and Ming is Twinsmom.
      Actually, i’m quite lost…

    9. Michelle, I am lost…interesting story though..