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      I notice Tim have a humorous character in him. Last Saturday, I followed what Jess did. I asked my hubby to take Tim to watch Superman Returns while I shopped with Emily, since both like to watch it.

      At the end of the show, I asked hubby how it was. He told me what Tim did that was really funny. There was an ad that made a cock crow sound like “Cock a doo”. After the ad, there was a couple of secs silence before the next ad comes on. Tim made a loud “Cock a doo” sound and everyone in the cinema laugh. 😆 Reminds me of children say or does the darndest thing.

      Tim likes to act out whatever cartoon or TV program that he is watching. He will follow what the cartoon says or does. One time, Mickey Mouse was hugging Minnie Mouse, he came over to me and gave me a hug. I like watching him do that, he really make me laugh at times.

      As for my shopping expedition with Emily, I managed to get 2 working blouse (50% discount with Mega Sales on), a teenage style T-Shirt and a nice skirt. After 2 hours, Emily got tired, she didn’t want to sit on the stroller and didn’t want me to carry. She always does that when she cries, she will like to roll on the floor. :wall: I managed to get her to calm down and took her to Sushi King to have dinner. She was fine after that. She wasn’t hungry as she was eating the corn kuih I bought. She finished 10 of it.

      Published on July 31, 2006 · Filed under: Parenting, Timothy;

    6 Responses to “Funny Side of Tim”

    1. I don’t dare to bring Keith to the cinema yet coz’ he’ll be screaming and everyone will be cursing me and kick me out. He can’t even sit quietly in the church, how the heck is he going to sit down and watch the whole movie with me.

    2. Hey, I want to see how she roll on the floor ! 😆

    3. MagicTree said on

      Like Jess, I also want to see how Emily roll on the floor. Cos I have only seen boys do that! Ha!! Ha!

    4. Luckily Msia got censorship, if in US, you’ll have to code lock your remote control on “certain” channels..hehe..

      Emily sure has a big appetite! 😆

    5. I wonder how big of the corn kuih is it?!!

    6. Wah.. she actually rolls on the floor? Terrible Twos? My time will come *biting my fingers*.

      This Tim so cute..

      so you show him more of those lovey dovey shows, so he’ll be lovey dovey to you loh.