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    • What’s That?

      July 10, 2006

      Curiosity has creep into Emily. Everywhere she goes, she will point and asked me “What’s that?” After I tell her the answer, she will repeat what I said. She learns as she goes. However sometimes, she just asked to irritate me. I will simply give her an answer. When the answer is not acceptable, she will not repeat but ask again. Sigh. At times, she already knew the answer but yet want to disturb me. I will ask her back and she will answer me.

      She has been talking a lot lately. Mostly spoken in English, although she understands Cantonese, Mandarin and Hokkien.

      Did I tell you, she doesn’t like anyone talking bad about her? One time at my family reunion dinner in KL, I was telling my family her bad habits. She climbed up to me, on the chair and put her hand on my mouth. 😯 Everyone laughed.

      Lately, I think because of school, she has been very “siew hei” (meaning edgy), if she doesn’t get her way, she will cry. Nothing can distract her from crying. She will either stand in a corner or stay on the floor and sulked. She also wants to stick to mummy most of the time. I guess this is a passing phase, I have to tolerate until she gets over it.

    • Rest & Compliments

      July 10, 2006

      I am having a good time this week, no work but shopping, watching TVB series and rest. Shopping is one mode of resting. Anyway I was disappointed I cannot find things I want to buy. I got a wallet and a pair of working shoe. I think I have enough of rest. The doctor asked me “When you want to start work? Want some more MC?” I laughed. I told him that I will start work on Tuesday. Trick him, he thought he needs to write another MC for me. Monday is a replacement public holiday for Penang, Governor’s Day. I bet lots of people in Penang will stay up to watch the Final World Cup France vs Italy.

      Don’t you think that when a lady received compliments, it feels so good? Someone told me that I look young. I know I am not, opps no offence to those older than me. There are certain kinds of people who just know what to say at the right time. Of coz it has to be said that it doesn’t sound fake. Hey all kinds of compliments work on me. :giggles: Now even I am not young, I feel younger. 😆

      By the way, I am back to normal.

    • Emily’s First Day

      July 4, 2006

      Yesterday was Emily’s first day at school. I had to send her to school, as my babysitter was not in her good health condition to take care of her. She needs rest. I always have babysitters who have health problem, wonder why? One with thyroid problem, she went for an op like me, another with back pain and now this with kidney stones.

      On Sunday, I prepared Emily for school. We went out to get her a pretty bag with a push handle. She loves it so much that she pushed it in around the mall. :eh: She didn’t want to let go of it until we reached home. She was all excited to follow Tim to school.

      The day came, she happily sit in the car anticipating getting to school. She went into the school compound but she thought I will be joining her. Little does she know that I have to leave her there with the kor kor. Tip for parents, don’t stay if your child is crying and just leave ASAP. It will make matter worst if you do. After we left, she was back to normal. The teacher told us that she didn’t want to eat her lunch or drink milk. However, in the evening, she finished 3 biscuit and dinner.

      When I picked her up, she was very happy kept telling me what she learned in school. She point to every thing that was hung in the nursery and tell me what it was. She was in a chatty mood too. Today the same episode she cried when she reached school. Now I guess she is enjoying herself. 😆

    • Iron Anniversary

      July 1, 2006

      Today is my marriage Anniversary. I almost forgot until hubby & friends wished me. No special night out, as I have to abstain from certain food. Probably postpone the feast until I can eat it all.

      Bandage is off. I went to the doctor yesterday to take it out. It was about to come off after I had a shower, so much for waterproof bandage. I called the doctor to make an early appointment, gave me a surprised, the doctor answered the phone. I was expecting his nurse to take the message. 😯

      After I was discharged from the hospital, my babysitter was admitted for stones in the kidney. I have to baby sit Emily while I recuperate. At this age, she is easier for me to take care.

      I even took her to the doctor clinic to remove my bandage. I bought her a bottle of Vitagen. She sat at the chair while the doctor took off my bandage and spray some chemical to protect the wound. He went through the report, it looks good and everything is fine. The report had the picture of my goitre, anyone wanna have a look? It may be offensive to some. I thought I will not published it here. It looks huge. He gave the rest of my MC. :dance: As for Emily, she climb up and down the chair after the Vitagen finished.