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    • Woke Up Blur

      I woke up this morning and I thought it was Thursday. Hubby is away on business trip for a week. 😥 Now every morning, I have to prepare the 2 children for school. Tim has 4 uniforms and Friday he wears a school t-shirt. I kept looking for his uniform today. I was wondering why I have a missing uniform. I didn’t bother much, I just let him wear a t-shirt and will tell the teacher, mummy cannot find his uniform. :giggles:

      I was about to step out of the house. I saw my part time maid came, she comes every Friday to clean my house. Then only I realized it was Friday. I had to run back upstairs to get the school t-shirt and change Tim. What a blur day.

      Happy Mooncake Festival!!!

      Published on October 6, 2006 · Filed under: Parenting;

    6 Responses to “Woke Up Blur”

    1. I think you are too tired liao lar….hang on for a while more….hubby would be back very soon to help take some load off you……

    2. I think you are not enough sleep or maybe you’re too missing your hubby? Fortunately you managed to see your maid before leaving the house, if not, sure Tim will be very special in school today.

    3. dreaming kah..or maybe the haze..must be lahh…

    4. u eat too much mooncake liao lar! 😆

    5. must be missing your hubby so much. By the way, how did you get a part time maid? She only comes once a week?

    6. michelle said on

      Jan: Yeah too many things on my mind.

      Huisia: Maid save the day.

      Jazz: Not that hazy in Penang wor. :sc:

      Jess: Maybe had too many tiramisu mooncake.

      BabyKhong:Yes, she comes once a week, if you want more, you have to pay more. I just sent you the details.