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    • Chicken Pox

      Oh no, Timothy got chicken pox. He took the jab when he is 1. The paed said he is not responding to the vaccine or he didn’t produce any antibody. The paed also gave him a anti-viral medicine so that he will not get a full blown chicken pox that may take longer to heal. He got it from his school mates. What a timing? My hubby is away and MIL is going on vacation. I have to take care of him until MIL returns. Fortunately I can work from home and take care of him.

      The funny thing is I discover the spots yesterday. I thought it was bed bugs’ bites. I change all my bed sheets and clean the room. I burned LB to get rid of any bed bugs. Now I know it is not bed bugs.

      Tomorrow I have to coax Emily to go to school without his brother. Emily was asking for the brother in school when I took him to see the doctor. Pray that Emily will not get Chicken Pox and she have immunity. :pray:

      Published on October 12, 2006 · Filed under: Parenting, Timothy;

    12 Responses to “Chicken Pox”

    1. Aiyo..what bad timing! For chicken pox, can boil leong cha for Tim to drink, right? If boleh, you might help ease the itching.

    2. Speedy recover Tim.
      Eik..jab oso got ar? How to know they respond or not? Alvan haven’t jab yet

    3. Both Rayner and RayAnne also kenna chicken pox althought they took the jab leh, does that mean they didn’t respond or didn’t produce the antibody huh?

      Poot Tim, poor mummy, please take care and hope tim recovers fast fast and hope emily doesn’t get it.

    4. Vien: Yeap, they say young coconut water can help too. I used calamine lotion to ease his itchiness. Not many pox anyway.

      Rachel: When he gets the chicken pox, only you will know he is not responding.

      Jan: After your Rays get it, they should have antibody now. Just that the vaccine is of no use to them. Yeah, Tim is taking antiviral medicine that makes him heal fast.

    5. Annie Wong said on

      Hi Michelle,

      I am so far been a silent reader of your blog and I enjoy reading it.

      I was told that you will never know whether all the vaccinations a child gets since birth produced the desired antibodies until one fine day he/she undergoes a blood test to find out. Just imagine, the child may not be immuned after all the various vaccinations!


    6. Annie: Welcome and thanks for commenting. What you just said is Very True. Only a blood test will show whether anyone produces any antibody. I know some children after recieving Hep Jab and never produce any. However we never know whether the child or the vacine problem.

    7. Why not let Emily have it too at one shot, then no need to worry later whether she’ll get or not. It’s easier to take care of them when they are young and can control whatever they eat. Later, if they are older, lagi susah. I wanted Des to have it when my neighbour’s son had but too bad she was strong enough to ‘fight’ the virus. :doh:

    8. Poor Tim..I heard that small kids who get chicken pox will not be as bad as adult..

    9. Poor Tim..
      And really bad timing.

      I don’t know how you cope having to look after him while working at home. I don’t believe I can do that. Some one has to look after Zara or else I can’t work from home.

      Maybe your kids are more independant.

      Hope Tim get well soon.

    10. Tracy: I am just afraid that Emily get it a week after Tim recovered. Then I will never be able to go to work. Pretty busy this month. 🙁

      Chanel: Yeah especially a week before wedding day. That will be a real disaster.

      Zara’s mama: Tim is independent. He can play by himself or watch cartoon. The only thing that gave me stress this morning was TMNUT who didn’t work for 1 hour. 🙁

    11. haiya..hope he’s ok liao by now. children when got chick pox should quarantine lahh..can’t stand those parents that allow their kids to go school when not fully recover..

    12. Jazz: We got the green light from his paed that he has recovered and not contagious. 😀 Yeah, but we cannot control the parents right, that’s how my kid got it and I suffer. 🙁