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    • Silent Tears

      During our nap time, my son was moving around and not sleeping. Usually he is not like that, he will just go and sleep. I scolded him and he was still doing it. Anyway I was too tired and felt asleep. When I woke up, he didn’t sleep at all. He wanted to go out and play, I told him to get back to bed and sleep.

      Later, he made so much noise that Emily woke up. There is no point getting him to sleep now. Both of them were playing. At one point, Emily wanted to take the box of toys, he tried to snatch it away. Both were not letting the toy go. I walked up to Tim and grabbed him by his arms and make him let go of the toys. Emily ran away with the toy. Suddenly Tim silently let out his tears. Tears just flow out like a broken pipe. There wasn’t any sound in his cry. He must be really sad. It was an unusual cry. It cut through my heart to see him cry this way. I grab him and gave him a hug. He stopped and later Emily came to sayang him. Everything went back to normal.

      Published on October 15, 2006 · Filed under: Parenting, Timothy;

    9 Responses to “Silent Tears”

    1. Oh dear, tim must have felt really sad hor…..poor thing…..auntie also sayang you…don’t cry and don’t feel sad liao lor

    2. Winnie Khoo said on

      i think Tim sure got something inside his heart. try to talk to him nicely and try to make him spell out from his heart. i think maybe due to the chicken pox, he felt lonely.

    3. When a child is sick..all they want is the parents to hold them and sayang them. I hope Tim feels better soon.

    4. Showed dat Tim is becoming a ‘big’ boy, no more wailings. Des sometimes cries in silent too these days. Yup, watching them cry like dat makes our heart ‘break’ hor? Maybe he was getting cranky without his nap and he felt lonely, and when u were ‘rough’ with him, he felt sad … poor Tim … Auntie Tracy sayang sayang too, okay?

    5. Oh,sure he was confused why mommy grabbed his hand and why mommy is more sayang meimei! Kids always very fast to forget unhappy things, but i wonder are them really forgotten or just being distracted by other things.

    6. Mummy heart some how still very soft hearthen.. 🙂

    7. He must be crying b’cos mummy was too harsh on him.

    8. Jan: I also feel sad.

      Winnie: I don’t think it is the pox, really he is normal with no fever or itch. Actually only a few came out. I think he was sad because I was scolding him not napping. Maybe it was my words.

      Vien, Jess, Zara’s mama: I am learning everyday to be a better parent.

      Tracy: He never cried like tat before, he always wails very loud.

      Huisia: Aiks. No lah, I don’t love Emily more, although she is more cute. If Tim had the toy first and Emily takes it, I will do the same to Emily. Unless I don’t see it, I will take the toy and both also doesn’t get.

    9. It breaks our heart more to see our child cry becos of our doings. Hmmm inside mummy is also crying silently when see our baby cry like dat..