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    • Berjaya Times Square’s Children Theme Park & Pan Mee

      Adult: RM25 *expensive*
      Child: RM15 (above 3)
      UOB CC member – 15% discount

      We went on train ride, truck ride, merry go round and playground. There were other ship ride, bumper bee, bumper car and bus ride that go up high. For the ship rides, only children allowed, no adult. It was fun for the children. We couldn’t stay long as Emily wasn’t feeling well. 🙁

      More Info here:

      Pan Mee

      I love a pan mee stall in KL. It is in Chow Kit Lorong Haji Taib 4 Road. That is where I grew up. The flat that I used to stay, now become a Tiong Nam Union (aka Persatuan Penjaja Tiong Nam). It has a lot of “lieu” as in mushroom strips, minced pork and vege. Pan Mee is a self-made flour noodle. It taste better when you add chilli and lime in it. Simply delicious!!!

      Published on October 28, 2006 · Filed under: Emily, Parenting, Timothy;

    7 Responses to “Berjaya Times Square’s Children Theme Park & Pan Mee”

    1. THe theme park look so colorful, sure kids like it! But entrance fee is expensive ler.

      Pan Mee easy to make too, I prefer soup type too! Use more ikan bilis to make the soup!

    2. eh why ur pics all distorted one??

      haha i love the pan mee too.must put in tonnes of chilli baru syiok

    3. Jess: Yes, very colorful and it attracts the kids. The pan mee there is very tasty and different from other store. You have to try it. If I am not wrong, pan mee originated from that store.

      Jazz: Hehehe…not firefox friendly. Fix it already. I cannot eat that hot, but I did put lots of lime. 😛 Wah now I am craving for it.

    4. I never been the theme park there, wow, it look very great LOL! 😆
      But RM25 very expensive!

    5. MagicTree said on

      Hey, I’ve been there like 3 times. The other day, when the boys said they want to go again…I’ve to begged them to change venues. I am NOT about to go on all those kiddy rides over and over again.!! The PAN Mee stall that you mentioned, is it behind ‘Batu Road’ or “Hankyu Jaya”? Really good but I probably have not visited that place over 10 years now.

    6. Hui Sia: If I am not wrong the adult ticket can go to the adult theme park at 5th floor too.

      MagicTree: Yes, behind Hankyu Jaya.

    7. *slap head* Berjaya Times Square is so near to the place I work and yet I haven’t been to the Theme Park *shame shame* The paid tickets are for the whole day and rides? There is a newly opened Cold Storage too.

      My family loves Pan Meen, even my maid. Wait till u see and taste my pan meen. Heeheehee.