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    • Mop Mop Mop…

      God has given me 2 blessed children, go see for yourself. They mopped the floor glittering clean. Let’s hope they continue to like what they are doing.

      Emily: Mummy don’t step on the floor, after fall down “kok tor tow” (knock the head)
      Tim: Mummy see dry already
      Tim: Mummy, don’t step here, after fall down, knock the head.

      Published on December 11, 2006 · Filed under: Emily, Parenting, Timothy, Video;

    7 Responses to “Mop Mop Mop…”

    1. wahh no wander no need maid kekeke

    2. Wah, u have a pair of helpful kids there. They are sooooo cute. And the way they advised u not to step on the floor …. heehee, so thoughful of them. :clap: Like what Jazz said, no need maids lor. :dance:

    3. I want mine to be like that too!!!

    4. Did you notice they only care about mommy..not daddy?? LOL! They’ve so thoughtful, I hope Belle grows up to be like them.

    5. wah, so good somemore so sayang mommy… remind u to careful somemore…. really ‘tai sek’ arr…..

    6. Jazz: I think they clean better than the maid. :giggles:

      Tracy: Yeah housework will prevent them from fighting.

      Zara’s mama: Start training now.

      Vien: Mummy’s gal and boy. When we go shopping, both like to stick to me. I wished daddy had the magnet at times.

      Shannon: I am in cloud 9.

    7. Princessyoyo & family said on

      Oh, Michelle, pls let your girl play mopping with mine, she doesn’t listen to what i say. i told her to clean up, she ran away:naughty:, she even dropped her books and toys all over :wall: