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    • Stool Conversation

      I was working on my computer in the study room, the children were watching their favorite cartoon.

      Emily: Mummy, I want to ngor mm mm (pass motion).
      Mummy: Please go and get the potty from the toilet. *She went to get her own potty*
      Emily: Kor kor, mei mei ngor mm mm. Don’t disturb ah. Kor Kor, you don’t have any mm mm.
      Tim: Yes, I got some mm mm. *He went to get potty*
      Emily: Mummy, I finished my mm mm liao. Kor Kor still mm mm.
      Mummy: Ok, let me clean you up.
      Emily: So chau bi hor? (aka smelly)
      Mummy: Yeap, you must drink lots of water so no chau bi lor.
      Emily: Mei mei drink already.

      Emily has been learning lots of words lately. Her favorite word now is “queen spay al” as in Queensbay Mall.

      I am also reducing biscuits in their diet. I heard from my SIL that biscuit cause heatiness which is why the stool is sometimes hard and smelly. I tried to replace it with bun, bread or cake.

      Published on December 20, 2006 · Filed under: Emily, Parenting, Timothy;

    7 Responses to “Stool Conversation”

    1. me too, minimised biscuit stock at it will cause sore throat too!
      My 2 gals same too, one pee or poo, sure another one will follow wan..funny hor! 😆

    2. Ya,my ex-nanny also said this, and she always adviced me not to give biscuit to Jo.

    3. Biscuit is heaty? No wonder…I always give Brae biscuits for snacks and his stools are hard leh. Hmmm…need to change his diet a bit eh.

    4. Biscuit caused heatiness is new to me too. I better let the in-laws know.

    5. have them eat more fruits like papaya… really works.

    6. Zara loves heaty food.. I don’t know how to reduce that.. 🙁

      At least your kids can sit on their potty and do the conversation.. Zara will probably puke! Smelling her own.. and puke more, smelling the other.. 😐

    7. ya i think faythe’s stool is so hard oso because of biscuits…she can eat non stop at home!!