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    • Christmas Shopping

      Finally I am done with all my Christmas shopping. It is really convenient to have a big mall near where I worked. You can get everything in 1 place. Yesterday I took a long lunch break to get Christmas gift. I got 2 huge gifts for Tim and Emily, both the same thing, preventing them from fighting. With that, it has already burned a hole in my pocket. Anyway, this year my hubby and I got good bonuses, so why not. I really love to see their expressions when they open the presents. That is the 2 big yellow boxes. I got the gift idea from a blogger. Have a guess?

      Next, my hubby is a Christmas Eve baby. I thought of getting him a cake that shape like a canon camera. I contacted Mama Min because Sasha was here in Penang, she offered to help me to deliver it. However I am a few days late, it was too short notice to do 1. I got him a gift that is as good, something related to his interest. That is the red gift.

      The smaller yellow gift is for my nephew. Ohh, I also need to get 2 small gifts for the nursery Christmas party, they have a gift exchanging program. I donno about you, I just love giving out presents during Christmas. More joy for me in giving than to receive.

      Mummy: Pa what cake you want for your birthday?
      Tim: I want swimming pool cake.
      Emily: I want Tigger cake.
      Tim: Swimming pool cake.
      Emily: Tigger cake….
      Mummy: Hey Look! See what that uncle doing. *you get the point*

      Have a Blessed Christmas To You and Great New Year!

      Published on December 21, 2006 · Filed under: Emily, Gift, Parenting, Shopping, Timothy;

    11 Responses to “Christmas Shopping”

    1. I wonder how the swimming pool cake going to look like? Hehe..
      Merry X’mas to you too..

    2. get the ‘tigger in the swimming pool’ cake, no fighting!
      merry xmas !

    3. I haven’t even shop for Xmas..I guess I have tomorrow to do all the gift buying..hehe.

    4. You mean, when you have 2 kids, you have to buy 2 similar gifts for them on Christmas? :O (to prepare myself).

      Everybody’s birthdays are their birthdays!

    5. Btw, want to wish you MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR TOO!

    6. Merry Christmas to you and your familly!

    7. Merry Christmas….
      Get a combined cake— Tigger + Swimming pool….

    8. Zara’s mama: Depends on the toy, sometimes I do have to get 2 of the same kind. Believe me, you never win, even with that they also want each other toy. The reason why I get this similar Christmas gift, it is good to each have 1.

      I guess I haven’t master the skills of teaching them to share their toys.

    9. Merry Xmas to u and your family member!

    10. Michelle is correct lah. If have two kids about same age say 1-2 years difference, u have to buy the same gift, else they will fight for it. One wants the other one and so forth. I can see it often with my nieces. Always fight with each other. Buy things must buy in pairs as well.

    11. swimming pool cake?? happy bday to loong 🙂