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      Yet another challenge I am facing as a parent. Tim’s school started to teach spelling. Tim is given 2 words for spelling each week for English, BM and Chinese. I am not sure whether is it a suitable age to learn spelling. He is 4 going to 5, considered 5 years old this year. I know my son is not a fast learner. It didn’t work well with him, he has been getting lots of eggs each week. Some of the ways to teach a child spelling:

      School way:
      Write the word 15-20 times, hoping it will sink into his memory at the end of the day. My son writes it diligently and forgets about it. It didn’t registered at all.

      My first attempt:
      I asked him to repeat the letters 10-15 times, example c-a-t, cat. He repeats it together with me. After he finished, I asked him to spell cat, he looks at me blank. He could say c ? ?

      My second attempt:
      I was scratching my head, surfing in the net and bookstores to find creative ways of teaching him spelling. Finally my light bulb turns on. I decided to cut square of alphabets and play spelling game with him.

      I gave him all the letters that makes up the word “cat” and ask him to arrange it. Sometimes give him a mixture of 2 words and ask him to form it. Visual helps him to register the letters in his memory.

      In school, one of the test, the word b-a-p-a, he wrote b-a-p. I know it is still wrong but it is some progress shown. I was hoping for the teacher to encourage him by giving him a ½ marks but that didn’t happen.

      If you have better idea, do share with me.

      Published on January 28, 2007 · Filed under: Parenting, Tips;

    7 Responses to “Spelling Lessons”

    1. hey u got good idea…

      hmm i think for malay, u might have to teach the ba, bi, bu, be, bo..thing, then he can grasp easier??

    2. Tricia Lee-Chin said on

      Hi there!

      I am dreading when the time comes for ME to assist my 2 year old son with his homework! Since I am no Einstein I home my hubby can do a better job!

      Anyway, may I offer a suggestion … why don’t you make it a ‘playful’ event. Make it a game … I think it would be ‘easier’ to ‘remember’.

    3. Annie Tan said on

      Wah so fast spelling liao ar??

      Visual aids it definitely helpful!

    4. Hubby’s tips: whenever he ask wien read some new words, he’ll ask her read out the alphabet too. Then from to time, he’ll ask her how to read: dog, cat, pig etc etc….oh ya, hv to start with 3 alphabet first, later only increase the complicated level!

    5. Mich, I don’t know about Tim’s kindy but the one Des goes to uses the phonic’s method like c (ke sound) a (eh sound) and t (te) sound and dat’s how Des learns. As for Malay, like what Jazz mentioned, using the ba a i u, ba bi bu, ca ci cu method and Des can easily join the words like CU and CI is CUCI, U and BI is UBI.

    6. Jazz: I think the school is teaching him that. However boys, he may not get the concept.

      Tricia: Wow, 2 year old got homework? Maybe let him enjoy a little.

      Annie: Yeah lor, the pressure is on me rather on him.

      Jess: Yes, I agree. He is starting with 3 letters but BM, usually is 4 letters.

      Tracy: His school is teaching him phonics but it didn’t sink in. My guess the teacher is not creative enough to help the children learn

    7. That’s a great idea. Actually I m using this method (letter cutouts) teaching Yiyi with her words.
      I think if they see it frequent enough, they will sink in. Maybe you can stick some letters on the fridge and asked him to arrange it before he could open it. Like a password. 🙂
      Sometime kesian the kids, so small but hv to go school aldy.