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    • Parenting Tip #18 Passing Phase

      A lot of mothers, especially new mothers have lots of worries. That’s the reason why we are very forgetful at times. I know I had 101 worries when I was carrying my son. However many of those problems are a passing phase, which means the problem can correct itself eventually or can be corrected. At that moment, it may seem to be a big issue but it is not.

      What are my children’s passing phases that they have outgrew them?

      1. At baby stage, Tim’s head was not symmetrical and one sided.


      2. At baby stage, Tim wakes up every 3-4 hours until age 2. :wall:
      3. At baby stage, Emily had bad rash on her face.
      4. Tim refuse to drink milk at age 1+, I had to spoon feed him until 2.
      5. At age of 2, Tim still was speaking baby language.
      6. Emily refused to call “mummy”.
      7. Toddler age, both Tim & Emily doesn’t like to eat. Tim improved after he went to nursery and Emily improved after age of 2.5+.
      8. Constipation problem.

      I am sure you can add to this list. A word of advice to all, it will be a passing phase, so why worry. Have a fun journey free from worry!

      Published on December 13, 2007 · Filed under: Parenting Tip;

    11 Responses to “Parenting Tip #18 Passing Phase”

    1. I’m sure it is a passing phase..but each phase varies from kid to kid. At least yours over..I have another one to “look” fwd to. Haiz!

    2. Yes, it always is worrisome especially for first time parents…but it’s comforting to read that you have been through these phases and have emerged wiser from them.
      I can relate to some of those you mentioned up there too.

    3. thank you for reminding us…yeah, enjoy the journey- that’s more important!

    4. Yup. When I first had my eldest, I had to check on him every 5 – 10 minutes, worried that he would stop breathing. Haha. COme to think of it now, why did I do that?

    5. yeah, I agree with you, I got difficulty to feed my boy before he went to preschool, now he will come to me and ask for it, hehe…

    6. Bryan refused milk once i stopped breastfeeding. Still spoonfeeding him and usually it is such a pain coz he doesn’t like milk.

      what happens after 2 for tim?

    7. Shooi: Tim drinks from the cup and straw. I also change the milk powder. It is more tasty I guess.

    8. my little Xandria refused sleep on bed and always cranky especially during the night.

    9. I still worry about Jona pronounciation….hoping it is just another phase..

    10. This is every mum’s worry.. Haha..

    11. I’m now having the ‘koala bear’ phase with CE. He’s clinging to me all the time!