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    • Backdated: Presents Unwrapped

      My children was looking forward to this day because they finally can unwrapped the presents. I love the look on their face when they saw what they get. The moment is priceless to me, seeing their happy face.

      Timothy got a set of 8 Ultramans plus a few airplanes that come with a noisy launcher. Emily got her doll and her favorite stroller. She has been taking care of the baby doll since.

      Hey I got a present too! I was surprised because we don’t give each other presents during Christmas except for the children. Another surprising thing is that my husband pays attention to my needs. I got an ionic hair dryer. The old one was about to break.

      Hubby got a photography book for his birthday as his birthday falls on Christmas Eve. It is also his Christmas present.

      Priceless moments here:

      Published on December 28, 2007 · Filed under: Gift, Parenting;

    17 Responses to “Backdated: Presents Unwrapped”

    1. i remember i guessed you would buy ultraman for Tim, seem like i got a right guess πŸ™‚

    2. wow… so many ultra man Tim got !! hehehe, he really love it huh ?
      I think everyone was looking for this time to open the gift … this is the time been waiting …

    3. the look on their faces…that’s pure hapiness.
      is that the baby girl from toys r us, the eyes can blink blink one, and can call mommy? i think it’s a little spooky. hehe..but little girl just loves it i guess.

    4. Huisia: You, Jess and giddy tiger know my son very well. No one got it for Emily.

      Anggie: Now he will not ask me for any more Ultraman toys. That’s the trick.

      Shern’s mom: Yes very spooky. Nope this baby doll does not make any noise. Peace for me.

    5. So we each get half a present for guessing Ultraman correctly?

    6. oh, the doll can talk one a?

    7. haha…nasib baik Christmas oni once a yr. otherwise u can sell toys liao!

    8. wah they look so happy eh with the pressies

    9. I also enjoy seeing my sons open their pressie.That’s why I have bad habit, of always request the shop to wrap the toys that I bought for them…just to see the expression

    10. wow so many set ultraman! no wonder Tim so happy!

    11. ultraman! how cool! i used to love that show.

    12. the thing we loved so much about Christmas – generosity, giving and receiving. look at that grin on Emily face …. so, so HAPPY!!

    13. my boy wld love the ultraman set cause he is crazy abt ultraman!! hey! my girl got the doll stroller too!!!

    14. Happy New Year to you and your family!

    15. yeah, they look so happy πŸ™‚
      Wishing you and your family a Happy New Year 2008!

    16. What is in the last box which is still not opened yet?

    17. Does Em request to bring her doll n stroller when u all go out?