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      Look what my hubby did while I am away. He sure has a lot of creativity when it comes to dealing with children. I must say that I have full confident in leaving my 2 children with him.

      He cooked pasta for them and gave the children a garden view lunch. It is cool because he didn’t have to clean the floor if the children make a mess. One reason why I like to have meals outdoor.

      Let’s hope Tim & Em don’t bully him while I am gone.

      Pop over to to read how technology make me blur.

      Published on January 9, 2008 · Filed under: Parenting;

    9 Responses to “Garden View Lunch”

    1. that is so COOL…..your hubby is so COOL!!!

      i wanted to move out to a landed property so that we can do that too!! such a great idea!

    2. That is the good part having landed house hor! I love to have small picnic at my garden too!

    3. Wow….your hubby really a loving daddy!!! Wishing I could become your neighbour, so my hubby can learn from him…seriously 😛

    4. You have such a nice garden…*envy*envy*

      Mine, we have tiled the whole garden to fit 2 cars…so now, no more garden *sob*sob*

      Need to go buy lottery so that can have chance to get a bigger house. Penang property is just too ridiculously priced!

    5. al fresco dining!

    6. very good idea, thinking to steal it…. but i dont have a garden in my house ler!!!!

    7. haha he’s like me, i sometimes let my kids picnic outside the house LOL

    8. No mozzies attack?

    9. How nice it is to be able to count on ur hubby when u are not around and he can look and take care of the kids whereas mine …. sigh … just cannot trust him to do so and he did admit dat he won’t be able to take care of Des for the whole day … sigh again …