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      I am back a few days ago from US. I touched down on Tuesday and went to work on Wednesday. I had a busy schedule all week and no time for anything. My body was slowly adjusting back to my Malaysia time zone.

      I am sure you are interested what I bought back. Here is the big box of goodies I brought back. I cannot imagine that I shop so much. I think I should refrain myself from going to US again.

      Here is what I got, don’t faint yeah.

      Corelle Dinning Set:

      Gift for my hubby, a remote control helicopter.

      Transformers For Tim and Cinderella & SnowWhite for Emily. It was on sale.

      Digital Photo Frame & Egg Clock

      Mochi from Japan

      Cherries, my favorite and it was real cheap – US9 for 1.35kg. I got 2 boxes, yummy.

      Children Clothes


      Published on January 19, 2008 · Filed under: Shopping, Travel;

    11 Responses to “What’s In The Box?”

    1. wawa..

      shop till your pocket berlubang.

      and I missed the boat. Sigh.

    2. 2 boxes cherry? wow, salute u lar!

    3. I bet all the cherries are gone now, huh? Hehe..

    4. WOW!!!!! I didn’t know u’re another shopping queen!! Not shop at local but shop at oversea! hahahahaha “GENG”!

    5. Eh, how many sets of Corelle do u hv at home ah?

    6. My! Another set of Corelle???
      I think you can be on par with LaundryAmah!

      But it feels so good when you get a great bargain isn’t it? 😛

    7. I still can’t believe you really lugged all that back!!!
      *pui fook*

    8. wow… u so ‘geng’!! somemore spend US$$ instead of RM, if go longer period ma whole container come back… LOL!!! i luv cherries too… go left some for me arr.. 😉

    9. oh, a whole box of loot! amazing!!

    10. anggie- jeremy said on

      heh … never miss shopping while we work in oversea .. even me in Syria country also i go for last minute shopping ….. but what u bought back is alot la … “keng ar”

    11. wah so big box. the custom got check one ah? you came about the right time, there was sales everywhere for year end clearance.