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      Let me share some of my parenthood sticky situations with you when I bring my 2 children out alone. These situations are quite challenging and with 2 anything can happen. I must say my mom did a great job because she brought 3 children to Singapore all by herself for a vacation. Either we are very obedient children or she has her way with us.

      Sticky 1:

      I was out shopping with my 2 children in Singapore while my hubby was attending training. I took my children to lunch. It is a nice place as it has some coloring materials for the children to occupy themselves. I ordered and the food came.

      As I was about to eat, my little gal said, “Mummy I need to go to the toilet”. Now I cannot leave my son alone in the restaurant, neither can I leave the restaurant without paying. Worst is I haven’t even eat yet. I can’t ask my gal to hold her urine. She may pee on the chair.

      I called the waiter telling him I need to take my children to the toilet, please can you keep the table for us. It was nice of the waiter to keep the table for us and allowed us to leave the place without paying. :good:

      Sticky 2:

      I was out shopping, yeah again. I went to Tesco with my children alone. I almost done 80% of the shopping with a trolley filled with groceries. Tim said “mummy I need to go to the toilet”. Sigh.

      I had to park the trolley by a secret place so that no one will put back my groceries and quickly bring him to the toilet. Imagine me running with my 2 children to the toilet and back.

      Sticky 3:

      Mummy was enjoying some quietness in the jamban (aka toilet). It ended when Emily knock on the door. She called out, “Mummy I want to use the toilet”. Mummy said, “Please use the other toilets”. We have 3 toilets in the house and she can pick any that was not in used. Emily said, “I want to use this one, faster my mm mm wants to come out”. :roll eyes:

      Mummy had to finish the job and quickly flushed so that her princess can use it. Sigh

      Sticky 4:

      I was driving home with my children. Both of them were playing at the back seat and having fun. After a while, world war II suddenly started at the back. There was some snatching, crying, screaming, name calling…you name it, it was happening. I had to stop by the side of the road to calm both of them down. I got one of them to sit in front with me so that I can continued the journey in peace

      Sticky 5:

      I was in a land far away and enjoying myself on a scrumptious expensive dinner. There were shark fins, big huge abalones, fresh oyster, lobster and king crabs. I was about to taste the tasty lobster. As I was about to put in my mouth, I heard. Mummy….mummy…

      I ignored the voice but continue to put the sweet smelling lobster meat in my mouth. The voice called out louder and louder, my lobster disappeared. It was dark, Emily looked at me and I opened my eyes. Emily said “I want to go to the toilet”. I had to bring her to the toilet. There goes my virtual expensive dinner. :wall:

      Published on May 8, 2008 · Filed under: Parenting;

    14 Responses to “Sticky Situations”

    1. hahaha..good one…

      I also beh tahan each time the girls said mahu go toilet during my shopping hour or meal time. Haiz…they just love to visit public toilet! *roll eyes*

    2. Wei, sticky situation #4 doesn’t work in this part of the world leh. LOL!

    3. Ditto Vien 😛
      Good thing you manage to get yourself UNSTUCK.

      Great post to usher in Mother’s Day 🙂

    4. Good one with the last one…..I experience it myself many times….very frus..

    5. I am going to face this soon….

    6. My sticky situation is like this. I’m rushing the kids to leave the house in the morning. They both say they want to umm mmm at the same time. So I have to rush one fellar to one toilet and another to another toilet. Then rush up and down to wipe them when they’re done.

      Dunno why most of our stick situations has to do with umm mmm one. Hahaha.

      Happy Mother’s Day to you!

    7. sigh…at least u are at some high class restaurant! There was once i was with qiqi at a coffee shop, and half way eating she wanna go to the washroom 🙁

    8. LOL! i oso encountered all the stickies too!!!

    9. ya..sticky situations usually will have to do with sticky mm-mm ones…haha

    10. hey at least u can handle them alone, me i dare not even try…my boy is like bursting with energy 😐

    11. Come to think of it, I’m so lucky I din face any sticky situations (mmm mmm ones) when I brot the kids out for lunch on my own when we’re in Sgp last yr.

    12. Mamajo said on

      Ha,ha….absolutely true…that’s why I dont’ go shopping with my kids. When I drive, I insist one sit in front with me, so no fighting…..and if they need to pee pee, I will put extra empty mineral water bottle inside car…just in case 😛

    13. Most sticky situations are related to the kids wanting to use the toilet hor?

      Mine also the same.. 😛

    14. Whoa, i gotta to be prepared for this sticky situations soon… 😀