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      Today as I entered my study room to start working, I saw this on my notebook.

      How touching! The cards are so well made. Thank you teachers of the tadika!

      It shot me up to cloud 9. It just made my day and it makes me want to hug my children. However I woke up late and they already left for school. I had a late night conference. When they returned home, Timothy said there is something special in his bag. I took it out and have him read it to me. Emily was eager to read hers too. She even did her “I love you” fingers.

      They made me so proud of them. I am enjoying this while I can. I know some day, there will be no more hand made cards coming.

      Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers around the world!

      Published on May 10, 2008 · Filed under: Parenting;

    20 Responses to “Priceless Moments”

    1. Emily’s card so sweet & girly!

    2. mine flash it to me, wish me happy mother’s day, hand it to me, let me hold then ask it back from me to keep in their bag!!!

    3. envy envy…i got no card at all..

      Happy Mother’s Day, Michelle!

    4. Mine said I cannot give to you yet because its not Mother’s Day yet but then she took out a card and a flower from her school bag the moment we entered the door. Hahaha. Happy Mother’s Day to you!

    5. I have been looking fwd to my first handmade Mothers Day card this year (I saw it in his last week’s report). But Bryan had to skip school since Wed and I think his card was not completed yet. So proly no card this year…. *sob*

    6. ooh how sweet…. so nicely made.. hmm wonder my son got anything for me from school HAHHAHA

    7. I ‘floated’ too when I received 2 cards from Des. How sweet of them hor?

      HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to u!

    8. must display and keep this for memory 🙂

    9. wahh…so syiok. happy mother’s day

    10. Happy Mother’s Day to you!!

    11. Such love and dedication from your kids..and you get wished two times over! Happy Mother’s Day!!!

    12. Happy Mother’s Day to u too! Their cards r vy nicely done.

    13. anggie said on

      happy mother’s day to u … so sweet the card,
      i cant wait till Jeremy make me a card too 🙂

    14. Mamajo said on

      True, I got 3 cards from Jona from school and 1 carnation flower….how lovely, the school nowadays in ‘touch’ our heart…he,he……Happy Mother Day!!

    15. thats nice! effort from teachers and kids were there!

    16. Ah!!! I love your cards!!! I have none this year… 🙁

    17. so sweet of your kids 🙂
      I blog hop over from Waiwai. Care to exchange links?

    18. Happy Belated Mother’s Day to you!

    19. so sweeet….

    20. so sweet and pretty the cards!