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    • No Sharing Food

      One day Timothy came back from school to tell me that teacher told him not to share food with other student. My son was very confused because I always teach him to share things with people. He is a generous boy as long as it is not sharing with his sister.

      Anyway, I prompted for more answers and suddenly it clicked. In fact when I was in primary one I was also scolded by the teacher for the same thing. It is quite funny actually.

      Every morning, Timothy will bring some food to school for breakfast like pau, cakes, biscuit, coco crunch etc. Some of his friends will come to him and eat his food. The problem is some of the food he brought to school is non-halal and he got into trouble. However the teacher should have explained to him in a way that he understands.

      Yesterday, I explained to him that malay children can only eat halal food. He asked me what halal food means. I took the milo tin and show him the halal sign. I told him if it has this sign, the food is halal. A very simple explanation. Boys, they need visual aid to help them understand.

      Next Emily took some biscuits and she told me she wants to give to her 3 good friends, Farah, Yong Chun & Hogan. I was afraid that Farah is a malay and the biscuits do not have any halal sign. I told her to ask her teacher.

      So what my story in primary one? My mom cooked minced pork baked beans and rice for me to bring to school. A friend of mine saw me eating, she told me that she would want some. I shared with her not knowing that she is not allowed to eat it. She said my mom’s cooking was delicious. I bet she told her mother and next morning I was called to the teacher’s table and got scolded. At that time, I didn’t understand what I did wrong. No one actually explained to me.

      Lesson to be shared to all moms, do teach your child what halal means so that they don’t get scolded for no reason.

      Published on May 15, 2008 · Filed under: Parenting Tip;

    17 Responses to “No Sharing Food”

    1. anggie - jeremy said on

      oh ya, the right age and time to teach what food should share and shouldn’t. So innocent to get scold if there just want to be generous and share to their fren.
      But kids is good to learn how to “share” !! My boy at this age still duno how to share yet .

    2. hahaha… never thought of that before! Really!!

    3. i think its not easy to explain to them esp when they r so young

    4. That’s what happen to my girl too at preschool. She got so confused when her teacher told her not to share her food. Usually she loves to share too. But over here, it’s not the halal issue, it’s due to food allergies.

    5. At 1st, I thot the teacher meant not to share the same piece of food (due to hygiene). Ya hor.. we need to teach the kids abt halal food n their Muslim frens.

    6. I remember a Malay girl in my class (Std 1) accidently ate “long yuk” too. I think it is also the school’s responsibility to inform parents/students about halal-food. Sometimes it may slip our minds to tell our children about this.

    7. Magictree said on

      I always thought they are not allowed to share to due spreading germs! Never saw this aspect of it.

    8. Like magictree I never taught about this. I told my girl not to share food becos afraid of the spreading of germs in preschool. Other things can share but not food.

    9. yup… need to teach the young ones about hala food too… thanks for reminding.

    10. Tim’s teacher should have explained further. I’m sure he would have understood better. Just scolding only confuses him.

    11. oh yeah, now that u hv taught us this way of explaining to our kids. sometimes i dont know how to explain to them abt sharing. i too always said share but sometimes things like tumblers u dont share!

    12. honestly, that issue never crossed my mind until you share this. thanks for sharing.

    13. wow…what a food issue. In playgroup also, qiqi and her friends share their food together. Now pulak cannot share with muslim friends. surely confusing for little ones.

    14. ahh..that’s the case. good post to share 🙂

    15. Hmm…makes u wonder abt the quality of our teachers here, just scold scold, no explanations. Luckily your kids tell you and u are able to give a good explanation. Otherwise, he’s gonna be just another confused kid.

    16. good idea…great way to teach …Thanks Michelle…

    17. Geee….it is really not easy lor….our kid are being innocent and sincere in sharing food, with no other intention….