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    • Body Parts Talk

      Remember the teacher always says that in order for you to learn in a speedy manner or to grasp what you have been taught is to apply it in your daily activities. Emily uses a very creative way to put her learning in to practice. More so, she uses her body parts in the funniest way to get things done her way. Talk about creativity, she never runs dry.

      Here is what she comes up with:

      Mummy, my legs want to sleep, my legs cannot walk, please carry me.

      Mummy, my tummy wants to sleep, tummy don’t want to eat rice already.

      Mummy, my hands tired, my hands don’t want to do homework.

      Mummy, my head wants to sleep, my head don’t want to eat.

      Mummy, my tummy wants drink Vitagen.

      Mummy, see my fingers want to open the fridge and get some sweets.

      Mummy, my hands want to sleep already, my hands don’t want to brush teeth.

      Mummy, my mouth wants to drink some ribena.

      What does mummy say? Does your butt want to touch the cane? :giggles:

      Published on May 20, 2008 · Filed under: Parenting;

    10 Responses to “Body Parts Talk”

    1. Luckily mummy is more creative than lil Emily. 😀

    2. LOL! I can so picture you say that to Emily! You can be very garang..hehehe..

    3. haha… she is truely creative and very practical!

    4. LOL!!! so creative huh..

    5. haha…so much excuses….qiqi also become like that recently…really geram when i need to get her up for school in the morning.

    6. does the cane works?

    7. haha mommy knows how to tackle her

    8. Creative talk ya!

    9. hahaha….she’s so funny

    10. She is so creative and funny….. I wonder what would she thinks when she reads this when she is all grown up 😀 I just couldn’t stop laughing 😀