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      How do you teach your child responsibility at the age of 4 and 6? When your child asked for a pet, do you buy for them? If they do not know how to take care of the pet, you will be the one doing most of the work. So how does a parent teach a child responsibility at this you age? Oh well, we have to start some where.

      Let me tell you how. I learnt this from Emily’s kindy. One day she came home with a plant. She told me that her teacher thought the class how to plant a seed. She was very happy that it grew into a plant.

      Here is an idea of teaching your child how to take care of the plant. Teaching them to plant a seed and water it. All you need is some cotton, a small container, some green or red bean and water. Soak the cotton wet and put it in the container. Put the seed in the cotton. Let your child do it. You child can watch it grow day by day. She can water the plant day by day. You can transfer the plant into a pot with soil. Who know, later it will bear more beans. Add more beans to it, you can make sweet bean soup. Ok I got carried away.

      Emily is very eager to water the plant every day and it certainly make her happy to see it grow. After all, it was her that planted the seed that turned into a plant. Actually the one she planted in school died because the brother pulled it out of the soil. I planted in the garden and one morning she couldn’t find it. Tim was being helpful, pull it out for her to see. :rolleyes: I had to plant another one for Emily.

      Published on May 22, 2008 · Filed under: Parenting Tip;

    12 Responses to “Teach Your Child Responsibility”

    1. XY had this proj in kindy too some time ago. N the plant died even b4 it grew big enuff to be trsfed to the pot. 😐

    2. Gosh, I remember planting these for Science project..hahaha…

    3. michelle said on

      Vien: Yeap I did that for Science project too and now the children is doing it in kindy. I think the kindy now is more advance because of competition. I wished national schools are like that.

    4. I don’t really fancy about gardening yet…so, I buy fish for Jona to feed, and he too ‘rajin’ feed till the fishes all dead liao…

    5. Emily is such a beautiful girl now….

    6. my girl kindy dont have this activity but we did it at home using soil….but both girls can water few times in a day till the plant die ler…LOL

    7. Tim was being so cute ha ha 🙂 I remember doing this when I was young…..thought you get taugeh?

    8. it is a great way…n interesting way to teach kids…

    9. this is definitely better than buying a pet for them.

    10. good tip for teaching the kids. thanks for the information

    11. this is easier than getting a pet keke..

      hey u cut her short now

    12. emily looks prettier wif short hair