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      I love bringing my children to book stores. They have fun browsing and reading the books there. MPH here used to have a small children area. However due to the parents not overseeing their children and their children messing up all the books, MPH took it away. It is really sad to see books flying every where and mishandled.

      Anyway, same goes for Borders but they still maintain the children area. They provided books that are “read only”. My children love reading books in Borders. I will be there with them and make sure they return books to the shelves if they take it from there.

      As I was browsing through the books, I spotted 2 books which I want to share. First, “Everything Men Know About Women”. Best Seller. Guess What? When I turn the cover, I saw all blank pages. :giggles:

      Next book, I saw this very creative 3D Cinderella story book. It is so amazing how they did the book. Look for yourself.

      Published on May 23, 2008 · Filed under: Books;

    10 Responses to “Books Are Fun”

    1. blank pages? is it just a notepad?? LOL

    2. The pop-up story book is really lovely. I can’t get those for Belle yet. She still doesn’t have the concept of cherishing her books yet.

    3. looks like men know nothing about women LOL

    4. Magictree said on

      My boys don’t really like to read although they can read pretty well. Sob! Sob!

    5. ya i have seen such princess book too! eh, so the book means men know nothing abt us lor..kiki…

    6. Books are getting fancier nowadays, just to make it fun for children! :p And pricey too

    7. Mamajo said on

      The book look fanstastic, but, I just don’t like to buy that kind of book for my kids – the pop out one…..geeee…I don’t know why…

    8. ah why blank…cause men dunno anything LOL

    9. ooo… I saw that princess book when I was in Borders last week.

    10. How much was the blank book being sold for? LOL