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    • Emily Birthday Wish

      Emily knows that her birthday is coming. I told her she can go to the toys shop to select her present. We went to the toys shop a couple of times but she has not decided what she wants. One day she wants this and the next day she wants that. Gals, they can be very fickle minded. Her choices were a Barbie doll dancing set or a digital camera or a pool of balls or a doll house.

      I quite like the idea of a digital camera toy that really takes digital pictures. She may become a little photographer. Fisher Price is selling it for RM200. Anyone know anywhere cheaper?

      As for her celebration, she wants to have it with her school friends. She just has to wait for school re-opens. Guess what picture she wants on her cake? I hope she hasn’t changed her mind again.

      Published on May 28, 2008 · Filed under: Emily, Parenting;

    14 Responses to “Emily Birthday Wish”

    1. A princess picture for her cake?

    2. i think the digicam would be good idea

    3. i din know that fisher price got those digital camera for kids… hhhmmmmm, will consider this for my kids b’day

    4. Magictree said on

      What a fortunate girl! She wants a barbie doll pic on her cake?

    5. Digital camera will be a good idea….
      Maybe Mummy can help her to decide?

    6. Eh, my husb told me his engineer just bot a Sony digital camera for only RM300++. Donno true or not. If yes, might as well get a Sony instead of Fisher Price.

      Btw, u can get a 3D barbie doll cake for her (if that’s wat she wants). Jenny cake house has that, it’s lovely.

    7. michelle said on

      Shooi: If I can get a RM200 digital camera of any trusted brand, I prolly will not buy Fisher Price. 😉

      Everyone: Nah she does not want a barbie doll cake or 3D. She wants to share the cake with all her friends in school. A 3D cake will be tough to divide.

    8. got such camera? so nice of you to let emily choose her present. I din even get anything for qiqi, hehe…

    9. my fren bought a digi camera for her daughter too, and she can upload into the computer..

    10. camera for 200 bucks okay ma..good investment

    11. A toy digi cam that actually works? That’s a wonderful gift. I know my girl wud love it.

    12. Woah! 4 years old already want a digital camera? Hmm…. your girl is really mature for her age!

    13. Jona’s digital camera, got spoilt liao….but, frankly speaking, it is really lasting ler, no matter how Isaac throw it, etc…but, mine one is using film format, and the outcome is not so nice lor

    14. Show us the picture of the cake la… don’t tell me it’s donut cake 😛