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    • Bubbles Day

      May 7, 2008

      Vien you got it spot on with the ice-cream cones. How did you guess it? I will send you some but I wonder can it get through to US customs. I will try 😉 .

      Yeap those ice-cream cones are for my children to blow bubbles with. It has a bubble stick that dip into the soap water and my children can filled the air with bubbles. They even soap my car with it. Imagine this, halfway driving my hubby try to clean the soap stain off the windscreen, he sprayed water and turned on the wipers. Next minute the entire windscreen was covered with soap.

      He had to stop by the petrol station and wash the windscreen. My children were giggling from the mess they make to the car. Children, not sure to scold them or to laugh with them.

    • Lately I have been very busy with a project so I will keep this post short. Guess what’s this?

      P/S: To make it more interesting since you all asking for prize. I will send 2 of these to you if you guess it right. :think: The first one who gets it correct.

    • Wordless Friday II

      May 4, 2008

    • Ferry Day

      May 2, 2008

      What did we do on Labor Day? We went on a ferry ride across the main land. Here is one fun thing that we, Penanites can do during our free time with our family. It was a fast ride as the ferry went like a speed boat.

      Tim and Emily were pretty excited when they heard we are going for a ferry ride. Anyway, anything that is done outside of the house, pretty much excite them. We drove on to the ferry and went up to the upper deck for a nice view. Tim was excited and went up the steep stairs. Halfway up, he felt frightened as he look down. He was screaming “mummy” all the way up. Yeap, the steep stairway is not very children friendly. Tim was reluctant to go down by himself. Daddy had piggy back them all the way down. Tough, if I were there with them alone.

      The view was a little hazy but the weather was not that hot. We got a nice breeze and a great view. Emily was enjoying her Cheezels with Tim at the upper deck. It was a good ride.

      Total Cost the Ride: A pack of Cheezels and the ride is free.

      By the way, the ferry was not very well maintained. I saw a lot of rusty areas on the ferry. I couldn’t find any life jackets anywhere too. It is just danger waiting to happen. If disaster happens, then the govt will look at the problem. If you ever go on a ferry, take some floats with you.

    • What Comes With It?

      May 1, 2008

      How many of you are like me, when I shop, I go look for free stuff that comes with the product? I do that all the time. I would buy more if the product comes with free stuff that I used.

      I just got Emily to drink Sustagen. Previously she was on Isomil, soya base milk because she was allergic baby. Now that she is older, she can move to cow base milk. At first, she couldn’t decide which milk she wanted. Both Isomil and Sustagen have gift exchange by collecting scoops and barcodes respectively. However, Emily looked through the Sustagen’s gift exchange book and saw something she liked. That was a motivation for her to change. I will get a kite for her and Tim.

      Last week, I just got a few boxes of Sustagen because it came with free lunch boxes. Emily chose the red and Tim liked the blue. It has a set of fork and spoon too. It will be fun for them to have their lunches from those boxes.