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      Suddenly I felt like a kid when I walked into Hong Kong Disneyland. I must say I enjoyed most rides. Many will say that it is smaller than other Disneyland but it is the right size for my children. At least I do not have to queue for long time on most rides. More about the rides and videos in

      We took the MTR from Central to Sunny Bay and switched to the Disney line. It was free as we got the Airport Express package. It has 3 days unlimited MTR ride. I thought it was 3 consecutive days but it turned out if I didn’t use it on the 2nd day, it was free for 3rd and 4th day. Amazing or there is a bug. 😛

      The Disney line train as Mickey shape windows and that excite my children. They love the short ride. It wasn’t very pack either. As we arrived at the station, there are pickup shuttle busses to the hotel. We got that pretty early, drop our bags and straight to Disneyland Park. If you cannot get an early check in, you can leave your bags at the hotel.

      Do remember to pick up the daily schedule for shows, parade and firework. It changes from time to time.

      Disney Hollywood Hotel
      I got a free upgrade to the room with a sea view with no extra charge. In additional, currently there is a promotion to get 1 day park ticket for 2 days visit. We stayed there for 2 nights.

      By the way, Chooi Peng discovered that if you get the annual pass, you can also get 30% discount on the hotel rates. I wonder whether we can get an annual pass for child and still get the 30% discount. Check it out and let me know.

      Child ticket – HKD$210
      Annual Pass for Child Ticket HKD$460 (Difference of HKD$250)

      Min Room rate HKD$1200 per night
      *Discount 30% – HKD$360, savings of $110 (Do check the discount % as it changes from time to time)
      Another night of bookings, savings of $470 if I do my math correctly. Plus other benefits that comes with the annual pass.

      If the above works, be sure you get a Disney souvenir for me and Chooi Peng. :giggles:

      The room was spacious and it has a nice view of the sea. The only thing that my children complained about is the missing Cartoon Network channel. They have 3 channel showing Toy Story II in Cantonese, Cars in Mandarin and Incredibles in English, repeatedly. Or was it Toy Story in English, go figure. Day 2, the same movies.

      Disneyland Park
      First day, we wanted to cover all the shows first. However my children are eager to ride The BuzzLightYear, so we headed to Tomorrowland. We saw Buzz! We took some pictures with him. There wasn’t any queue for the Buzz rides. We went on it 3 times.

      We completed Tomorrowland and Adventureland on the first day. We managed to see all the shows except the 3D show in Fantasyland and rides in Fantasyland. Second day, we took the train to Fantasyland and finished it off. My personal favorites are “It’s the small world” ride and the 3D Mickey show.

      The parade was ok but the fireworks were superb. It comes with background music.

      Food is pretty pricy in the park, it cost at least HKD50+ per meal and drinks cost HKD10+.

      Here are the pictures you been waiting for….

      Here is what you get at the end of it all…

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    11 Responses to “Be A Child Again”

    1. The annual pass? That’s something to find out more. Your kids surely had a great time there, Emily was so tired!

    2. hehe.. the hotel reply me d… it is work!!! hahaha… that will be a super great deal!!!

    3. i agree…when i stepped in to Tokyo disneyland a few yrs back..i was totally like a kid..i want this, want that..

    4. wah makes me wanna go to Disneyland again. I think I will be more excited than the kids!

    5. yeah, I agreed with you, HK Disneyland’s size just nice for a kid, not big not small. Wien & I love Fantasyland!!

    6. it looks at though the whole disney is yours.. 😛

    7. It’s a well-planned hol n u covered all the places that u wanna go, see n play.

    8. Cool, looks like all your guys have so much fun. Did you miss the stinky tofu? Man..those are awesome. =P~~~

    9. so nice they get to go to Disneyland at such young age :p

    10. worth to go, at least your kids were old enough to enjoy all games. 🙂

    11. i hope to bring my kids there someday