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    • Swinging Here & There

      A dress does not stop Emily from climbing or swinging. The dress is made by Jess, isn’t it beautiful? I adore her dress design. As for Emily, she said “Mummy see, I can swing”. By the way, she is born in the year of “Monkey”.

      Published on April 29, 2009 · Filed under: Parenting;

    12 Responses to “Swinging Here & There”

    1. my Clarissa also Monkey girl but not as daring as yours!

    2. I got 2 monkeys here…a boy and a girl. LOL!

    3. mine also like urs :p…

      eh why all ur pics lately like this one? part of protecting the kids?

    4. hehe…about to ask the blur pic too….

      once again, Emily is a tall girl.

    5. Magictree said on

      Eerr…me also monkey girl. Once fell down from ciku tree ( 6 years old)….handcast for months!!!

    6. michelle said on

      Jazzmint and Jess:Yeah also prevent stealing the real thing. Not nice ah?

    7. what a good idea to protect the kids….

    8. What software do you use to make your pix look like that?

    9. ahh…..i am 24 years older than yr daughter. hehe

      Alamak.. protect the picture ka? then how to show the dress?

    10. michelle said on

      sasha: Here is the link to the dress:

      Wow, you are so young….:P

    11. hehe, monkey…

    12. nice.. the dress.. 🙂