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      Children are always exposed to video games or TV and many youth don’t read anymore. Or they don’t read enough. I am not talking about games manual but story books or novels. I want my children to read more books. I do wish there are good libraries here but it is quite a distance from my place.

      Anyway I always bring my kids to Borders or MPH to read books. I must say that some parents do not teach their children how to handle books. It is always sad to see a lot of good books are either torn or place all over the floor. Please teach your children to handle the books properly and teach them to put back the books.

      Tim got another Wimpy Kid book called “Do It Yourself” where he can put his own cartoon and his own diary. There are comics that allowed him to fill in the conversation too. It is kind of fun for him to create his own pretend world. That’s creativity. Here are some pictures of the book….

      Emily went for Geronimo Stilton book, I still have problem pronouncing it. My guess is she likes the different fonts to different expressions or actions.

      Great to see them reading, while I enjoyed my cuppa of tea at Starbucks hogging over some of the magazines.

      Published on September 1, 2010 · Filed under: Parenting;
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    1. Whimpy kids looks good huh?
      I saw it but I think Zara still young for it.