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    • Lantern Day 2010

      Happy Belated Mid Autumn Festival To All My Readers!!!

      Yesterday, my children were invited to play lantern at my SIL apartment. Living in an apartment has its advantages because they will have these types of activities together. The residents bought food, their kids and lanterns. It was very “lau juak” (aka party).

      My children played with traditional lantern. They used back the old lanterns that I kept. There was one musical lantern that my FIL got for my son when he was 1 year old. It still work, the light but no music. I also have paper lanterns for younger children. A safe way to lit up those paper lanterns is to use a flat candle rather than long candle. One kid was holding a paper lantern with long candle and it got burned because the candle fell onto the paper. It is a little dangerous for younger children.

      All the children went around the block with their lanterns while I sat and eat the delicious food. I got to eat the water caltrop that I haven’t eaten since I was 7, I think.

      I also got some red bean mooncakes for RM6, 4 pieces per pack. My children loved it. Hubby said it is healthier as it has less sugar and oil. It is definitely better than those over priced branded mooncakes.

      Some pictures for you to enjoy….

      Walter Caltrop – Like Bull’s Horn

      Traditional Dragon Lantern

      Burnt Lantern

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    6 Responses to “Lantern Day 2010”

    1. my apt almost every nite got ppl and kids playing lantern and candles…some people even had mini makan session more than 1 time…

    2. water caltrop – never tried those before. How to eat ah??

    3. Chanel: One of the benefits of living in apartments/condo.

      Magictree: crack it and take away the thick skin. It is crunchy like water chestnut but a little tasteless. You can dip in brown sugar if you want.

    4. this year i did not buy the bull horn coz i have to crack most of them for the girls to eat…my hand feel pain lar..also have to boil longer hour.

    5. At least your place is so much fun than mine!!!

    6. There wasn’t any celebration for us this year as hubs was busy at work 🙁