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      Finally Emily can swim. I am proud of her and all credits go to her papa. At first, I wanted to start my children swimming lessons but the instructor said, they have to do it 10 lessons in a row. I hold it off until their school holidays.

      However my hubby viewed YouTube on how to teach children how to swim. He used that to teach Emily and Timothy when they go swimming. Who would have thought that YouTube videos can succeed here? I am glad it saves us swimming lessons fee here.

      Now I am waiting for Tim to do the same.

      YouTube Swimming Lessons, thanks to Phillip Toriello for making these videos

      Published on October 31, 2011 · Filed under: Parenting;

    4 Responses to “I Can Swim”

    1. well done….good job to Emily n PaPa

    2. great bonding activity besides SAVING $$$!

    3. Hello Michelle,

      I am a regular reader of your blog. I’m sure you have read about the abolishment of PPSMI (Teaching and Learning of Science and Mathematics in English) in the papers today. Would it be possible for you to show your support against the abolishment by being a member of “1M Malaysians Say Yes to PPSMI as an option” on Facebook? And if you don’t mind, could you please spread the word around? There will be a PPSMI Pot Luck picnic held in Penang this weekend, by the way.

    4. oooo good job Emily and your hub too. I am looking fwd for my kids to swim by themselves too