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      My family went to get the prize. We can only choose from 1 shop in Penang, Sony Central Audio. Before hand, my hubby and I discussed what we were getting. It fits perfectly with our budget. We got a Sony Home Theater System. Now my children can have virtual Barney sitting next to them with the DTS surround sound system.

      Published on February 19, 2006 · Filed under: Gift, Parenting, Special Day Event, Technology;

    7 Responses to “The Prize”

    1. must be damn shock lah hearing all the DTS sound at home 🙂

    2. Congrats!!! Wah..Nice hometheatre…At least can save some $$ and get a good quality product

    3. whao… this is so cool…. envy envy :D.

    4. Finally, Mr. Loong’s effort paid off. Congrats!

      Wow! A DVD home theatre system! 😎 man. I guess not only Tim and Emily are able to have a great time now, Mr. Loong and u must be sitting in front of it every day.

    5. Good choice coz’ the whole family can enjoy. Maybe even the neighbours? 😆

    6. Good choice!
      If got chance to go Penang, sure go your house to experience DTS surround sound system! 😀

    7. Wow..
      I love you, you love me, we are happy family….
      in DTS!!

      and that irritating Barney laugh in DTS!!


      But cool ler the system!